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It’s nearly May- and hasn’t April been the longest month ever?! We’re very grateful to be able to come to work each day for face to face and hands on time with clients, as AHPRA registered AHPs. We’ve also been pivoting a little to increased Telehealth for remote-based Australians, as well as home visits to some of our NDIS clients- it’s wonderful to be able to continue to provide a much needed physio service. But onto the topics for this week…..


Last week on our Facebook page, Alyza created some really great content on hamstring tears and rehab, including a number of videos. These will go up on You Tube soon, as well as our Blog, so be sure to check these out if you don’t have Facebook access..

Did you know however, that pain in the hamstring area (back of your thighs) isn’t necessarily a sign of weakness or just ‘tight hamstrings’.


That’s right- unfortunately tight hamstrings can be a little more than they seem! We’ve seen a sharp uptake in people presenting to clinic with lower back pain over the past few weeks- as they struggle with changes in routine and possibly increased sitting time (no- bed, or your kitchen counter aren’t great spots to work on your laptop for a full day! Recap info on home ergonomics and our video consults.) This back pain or tightness can often manifest in a feeling of tight hamstrings, as the lower back stiffens up.

What’s the solution? Well, everybody is an individual and needs a specific assessment of their back, legs, health issues and daily activities. Some of the common themes we see, however, include a need for manual therapy to release the back and hamstrings. If a clinic trip isn’t possible, there’s lots that can be done with a foam roller, massage ball or some well- timed stretches and movements. Many of this can be guided through a video consult- as always, we also have lots of info on our blog and You Tube Channel. And- sorry for banging on about this- but we generally find some level of glute med muscle weakness in most back/ hip/ leg issues. The glute med is an important stabiliser muscle of the hip area- without it working correctly, the pelvic area can often move a little too much on day to day activities like walking, causing a ‘shearing’ force on some areas of the lower back, or abnormal loading patterns within the legs. When our deep stabilising muscles aren’t working well enough, larger muscle groups such as the hamstrings have to kick in- leading, sometimes, to a feeling of tiredness or aching there.

Make sense? Get in touch if you have any questions you’d like to see addressed, or topics you’d like us to cover on Facebook!


What boredom busters have you found so far? There’s been lots of baking happening by the team at Wellness Embodied and Alyza has been making some beautiful earrings for all of us! Here are some other events and links we’ve found below- we’d love to hear your suggestions!

  • Sydney Dance Company: Sydney Dance Company are running a whole schedule of virtual dance classes, from just $12/ class. Our team are took part in Fluro-Friday from their respective lounge rooms at 8pm tonight- let’s get the tutus out!
  • Cocoon Movers: In Ireland, over 70s are encouraged to ‘Cocoon’ at home to avoid infection risk, so Suzanne’s friend and physiotherapist Valerie Redmond created a series of exercises which can be performed easily at home by seniors. These are available on the Castlebridge Physiotherapy Facebook page for free and can be downloaded to give to those who don’t have Facebook access.
  • Online Cycling Races: If you have a mag trainer and Zwift, you’ve surely woken up to the potential of virtual racing worldwide. Danielle has certainly been smashing training at home with her road bike set up! Cairns Cycling Club Thursday evening Facebook race feeds are worth tuning in to just for the hilarious commentary alone, even if you’re not riding. Check out their Facebook page.
  • Learn the Wim Hof technique: Those of you who are familiar with our colleague Campbell, who has been in New York since the end of January, would know of his passion as a Wim Hof instructor. Wim Hof is extensively written about for its effects on immunity, stress reduction and energy levels (to name a few) and it’s quick and easy to learn. There’s a number of You Tube videos but why not go for a more personal approach… connect with Campbell on his Facebook page, Breath & Body Therapy or book a Friday or Saturday morning 30/60 minute video consult with him through our online booking. Rebates available for video consult with some health funds, NDIS/ DVA and referred Medicare clients on care plans have these sessions fully paid for.

That’s all from us for now- hope you are staying safe & well and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything at this (or any other) time.

Suzanne, Danielle, Alyza & Clara.

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