Our Cairns Physiotherapy team use the Gait Scan system from the Australian Orthotics group, to accurately look at how you stand and walk. Coupled with a full clinical assessment of your pain, strength, flexibility and goals, we can advise if orthotics are a good option for you. Our orthotics can be made to fit almost any shoe, in the material that’s right for you. Diabetic feet may need softer, more cushioned material, while feet that sustain a lot of load may need more support. We have options for growing kids and for narrow athletes’ boots, dress shoes and those who spend all day on their feet. Our orthotics are affordable and we can provide you with a letter for your health fund, as some may contribute.


If any of the following statements sounds like you, then orthotic treatment can benefit you.

  • I stand for long periods of time every day (and my feet ache!).
  • I suffer from low back, hip, knee, ankle or foot pain.
  • I suffer from niggling overuse injuries, such as stress fractures, tendon problems, ankle instability or plantar fasciitis.
  • I wear out the inside or outside of my shoe first.
  • I have bunions, calluses, or other signs of wear on my feet.
  • I struggle to find the right footwear for my sport or lifestyle.

If you do need orthotics – we offer a 25% discount on your second pair if both pairs are ordered on the same day – meaning you can have a pair for sports and one for work!


The Gait Scan is a revolutionary technology that enables us to look at the pressure profiles in your foot when you are standing or walking across the scanner (or even performing an activity like a squat!). Your personalised scan report quickly highlights areas of abnormal weight shift within your feet. Combined with our clinical assessment of your pain or problem, we use the Gait Scan to customise the right orthotics option for you. Assessing you on the Gait Scan is a standard inclusion of our Running and Movement Assessments and can be used to evaluate the effects of your strength and flexibility training, in addition to the effects of footwear changes and inserts on how you stand and land on your feet.


Because our Physiotherapists and team of Allied Health professionals aim to correct all the issues leading to your pain (and not just your feet!), we look at you as a whole person – assessing from your lower back to your toes and everything else as needed.

For smaller corrections, in growing feet, or as a temporary solution, a custom insole may be a good option for you. Our Physiotherapist will look at your feet and footwear and add insole additions on the spot, giving you instant foot support.

If you’re still unsure, your Physiotherapist will work with you using tape, heel wedges or smaller supports, improving your foot positioning and pain using the most effective solution for you.


Living in the Tropics, we understand that our Cairns clients don’t want to be in enclosed shoes all day long. That’s why we are stockists for Archies arch support thongs and their new product, Secra sandals.

Archies thongs offer an affordable, comfortable and long-life alternative to traditional flat thongs and are covered by the Archies warranty in the rare case of a shoe malfunction. Secra sandals are a more stylish open toed sandal with arch supports and the same great Archies quality, allowing you to go to work, dinner or other social occasions in comfort and style.

Archies and Secra are available at both of our Cairns Clinics or by order in Cooktown.


Our Cairns Physiotherapists look at you as a whole person and understand that orthotics, insoles and supports will only fix so much.

Most of our clients with foot, leg or back pain, also require specific exercise-based rehab programs to correct their strength, movement and flexibility deficits. We offer 1;1 and group-based Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology & Personal Training in our Cairns Physiotherapy clinics and externally by appointment.

Our Rehab Room is a space for you to perform and progress your Physiotherapist delivered exercise program under supervision and guidance, using our Clinical Pilates, weights training, biofeedback equipment and more.

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