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The Perfect Squat

Do you find that you’re struggling to achieve the optimum squat technique for you? Squatting, whilst a seemingly simple exercise, requires a lot of coordination and balance, and is impacted upon by you individual anatomical make-up. If you’re someone who has always struggled with achieving a good squat, here are a few simple things that you can do to help: Stand with your feet shoulder width (or slightly wider) apart, and toes turned outwards (find that sweet spot for you!) Begin by slowly bending your knees and hinging at the hips, and allow your body weight to sink down and

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Are you suffering from back pain and struggling to manage it? Do you find that your back pain is stopping you from living your best life? Would you like to learn more about how you can improve your lifestyle over a few short sessions? Then get in contact with one of the team from Wellness Embodied Cairns to secure your spot in our eight week Better Back Program designed to support you through the rehabilitation of lower back pain, and provide you with the strategies you need to manage at home whilst living an active and healthy lifestyle. The eight

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Our theme for this week is sprains and strains! Watch to hear our practice principal talk about the healing phases of injury, how we can help in our Rehab Room and why RICE is no longer the treatment form of choice! #wellnessembodiedcairns #cairnsphysio Questions? For further information or to book visit our website www.wellnessembodiedcairns.com or call 42319777  

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