How employees perform in the workplace can be affected by physical, mental and behavioural factors. These can’t be tested at an initial interview. Step in the Wellness Embodied Cairns pre-employment screening and assessments. As well as testing on movement capabilities, range and the physical capacity of your candidate, we incorporate psychometric testing to deliver a comprehensive assessment report.


Our team of experienced Cairns physiotherapists, exercise physiologist and Allied Health professionals are movement experts. We’ve been providing Cairns pre-employment physicals and assessments for years, and are highly adept at functional capacity assessments. We’ve recently extended our capabilities regarding Cairns pre-employment physicals, by incorporating the processes of the Fitworker 360 system.


Fitworker 360 is the only program of its kind to include psychometric testing, which assesses employee resilience, empathy, non-aggression and safe work practices. The assessments can be tailored to the specific needs of your business and the role for which the candidate is applying. It has proven performance for employers (more on this below), including reduced Workcover premiums.


Cairns pre-employment physical assessments conducted at Wellness Embodied, also includes psychometric testing, thanks to the Fitworker 360 program. The psychometric testing is completely standardised and designed to deter dishonesty in answers. It offers consistency and the ability for hiring managers to track their candidates’ progress along the way.

A psychometric assessment and musculoskeletal screening questionnaire can be completed by your candidate online. For those who require a physical assessment, our physiotherapists can complete this in our clinic, in private rooms and rehab gym, at your workplace, or via Telehealth and secure video consult.

We’re also proud to deliver a range of early intervention programs to a number of Cairns and Cooktown organisations, reducing loss of work time from employee injury. We also support businesses with injury management for employees, as and when needed.


Knowing your candidate is capable to perform their role, above and beyond any prior training and experience, is critical. That’s why we incorporate the Fitworker 360 into our Cairns pre-employment screening.

Some of the benefits and outcomes of the Fitworker 360 includes the following.

  • Reduced Workcover Premiums
  • Screening for Risk
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Decreased Staff Turnover of 29%
  • LTIFR reduction of 84%*
  • Return on Investment typically between 500-1,000%

*As documented with one national company over 4 years of using Fitworker 360.


To discuss the Fitworker 360 program for your team, or early intervention / Cairns pre-employment screening services, contact our clinic to arrange an obligation free chat with our Director, Suzanne Rath. We can perform a specific needs analysis with your company.

To book one of our assessments, or Cairns Functional Capacity assessments using your own tools, contact Wellness Embodied today on (07) 4231 9777 or

Referrals are not necessary.

For injured workers with a current Workcover certificate and Physiotherapy / Osteopathy / Exercise Physiology indicated, contact us to make a booking. Once your claim is accepted by Workcover, your first 5 sessions are pre-approved and we can help you to work on a plan for your recovery.

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