Wellness Embodied continues to provide treatment and support at our Cairns clinic. Also providing remote consultations for those unable to attend due to COVID-19 or distance.

Treat The Person, Not The Body Part

At Wellness Embodied we promote healthy, pain-free bodies, through physiotherapist-led holistic treatment.

Pain Relief & Holistic Healing

Diagnosis, support and treatment for a range of chronic and acute pain issues.

Physiotherapist Led Classes For Health

Promoting strength, support, recovery and wellbeing for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Convenient Inner City Location

Offering a range of complementary treatments, services, classes and products to promote healthy, pain-free bodies.


We offer physiotherapy for clients throughout the life cycle, who have pain or dysfunction. We specialise in treatment of headaches (including migraines), neural tissue pain (such as sciatica and other referred pains), and chronic pain syndromes (including whiplash and fibromyalgia). We also offer workshops, packages and classes, as well as remote consults via video.

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Specific rehabilitation exercises to maintain health, prevent injuries and speed up recovery of existing injuries. Small group sessions are led by physiotherapists or exercise physiologists. Health fund rebates available. Physiotherapist led 1:1 Pilates and physio rehab sessions available. All classes in our studio at 53 Sheridan Street, Cairns.

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Wellness Embodied is here to help ease your pain. Treating the cause of headaches and assorted joint and muscle pains to heal your body, bringing you relief and comfort. We help people of all ages, from birth to the twilight years. Our methods are effective and we offer health rebates on the spot, via the HiCaps system. Referrals are not necessary.

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We specialise in individualised and comprehensive assessment and treatment, with personalised treatment plans. Our team of Cairns physiotherapists provide hands on therapy and evidence-based rehabilitation.

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Tendinopathy is a degenerative condition that results in abnormal tissue repair. It causes pain, decreases exercise tolerance and reduced function. Click on the link below and download your free ebook for more information.

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Take control of your health and manage your pain today. Five key, scientific, up to date points on pain to empower and educate you towards better management. Click below to download your free ebook for more information.

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Fast, skilled assessment and treatment of injuries and musculoskeletal pain, in all age groups.

Case management of ‘complex’ clients, including those with chronic pain and/or undergoing insurance claims.

Three high value packages created specifically for endurance athletes participating in triathlons/ marathons.

Encourage an ongoing, active lifestyle by providing physiotherapist-led exercise and lifestyle programs, in addition to standard treatments.

Provide a holistic, patient centered approach, with assessments and treatments tailored to each individual.  Explore the history, look at the present, plan for the future, creating pathways to healing.

Improve accessibility to physiotherapy services, by offering treatment to referred DVA clients and expert physiotherapy and treatment of clients on Medicare chronic disease management plans (EPCs) and NDIS.


Referrals are not necessary. We treat clients of all ages: Private, DVA, WorkCover, CTP and other insurance claims, GP referrals.

We offer health rebates on the spot for private clients, via the HiCaps system.

At Wellness Embodied, we also offer Cairns physiotherapy video consultations. These are available for our existing and new clients who are unable to physically attend an appointment in Cairns, whether that’s due to location, self-isolation or government restrictions surrounding COVID-19.

Our team think outside the box and are committed to helping clients, get relief from chronic pain and dysfunction.

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  • Spinal pain, including referred (‘nerve’) pain in legs and arms.
  • Headaches, including diagnosed migraines, tension and cluster headaches.
  • Post-Concussion Syndrome.
  • Pre & Post Orthopaedic Surgery (joint replacements, fractures, muscle repairs).
  • Pelvic and Abdominal Pain.
  • Pre and Post- natal injuries & pregnancy related weakness.
  • Incontinence.
  • Jaw Problems / Temporomandibular Pain.
  • Sports Injuries.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Core Stability training and issues.
  • Vertigo.
  • Ligament sprains & muscle strains.
  • Acute and chronic conditions and injuries of all peripheral joints.
  • Bio-mechanical issues of lower limbs, including feet.
  • General mobility, strength and movement problems following illness or immobility.

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