Treat The Person, Not The Body Part

At Wellness Embodied we promote healthy, pain-free bodies, through physiotherapist-led holistic treatment.

Pain Relief & Holistic Healing

Diagnosis, support and treatment for a range of chronic and acute pain issues, including headaches, back pain, shoulders, hips and knees.

Physiotherapist Led Classes For Health

Promoting strength, support, recovery and wellbeing for people of all ages and fitness levels. Clinical pilates, foam roller classes and kids yoga.

Total Care Embodied Membership

An affordable membership program providing assessments, coaching, motivation, support, massage and more, to maximise your wellbeing.


We offer physiotherapy for clients throughout the life cycle, who have pain or dysfunction. We specialise in treatment of headaches (including migraines), neural tissue pain (such as sciatica and other referred pains), and chronic pain syndromes (including whiplash and fibromyalgia).

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Specific rehabilitation exercises to maintain health, prevent injuries and speed up recovery of existing injuries. Classes include Clinical Pilates and Foam Roller Classes, which are suitable for all ages, as well as Kids Yoga for children aged 5-12 years old. All classes held at Freshwater Tennis Club.

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Physiotherapist-delivered Craniosacral Therapy in Cairns. Light touch therapy, useful in the treatment of a range of conditions including headaches and migraines, jaw pain, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Eligible for health fund rebates, under the physiotherapy extras cover.

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Fast, skilled assessment and treatment of injuries and musculoskeletal pain, in all age groups.

Case management of ‘complex’ clients, including those with chronic pain and/or undergoing insurance claims.

Unique membership program offering discounted services and a range of great rewards.

Encourage an ongoing, active lifestyle by providing physiotherapist-led exercise and lifestyle programs, in addition to standard treatments. This includes kids classes and more.

Provide a holistic, patient centered approach, with assessments and treatments tailored to each individual.  Explore the history, look at the present, plan for the future, creating pathways to healing.

Improve accessibility to physiotherapy services, by offering treatment to referred DVA clients and bulk-billing those on chronic disease management programs (GP referral needed).


Referrals are not necessary to see a physiotherapist. We treat clients of all ages: Private, DVA, WorkCover and other insurance claims, GP referrals.

We offer health rebates on the spot via the HiCaps system. Home visits available

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  • Spinal pain, including referred (‘nerve’) pain in legs and arms.
  • Headaches, including diagnosed migraines, tension and cluster headaches.
  • Pre & Post Orthopaedic Surgery (joint replacements, fractures, muscle repairs).
  • Pelvic and Abdominal Pain.
  • Pre and Post- natal injuries & pregnancy related weakness.
  • Incontinence.
  • Jaw Problems / Temporomandibular Pain.
  • Sports Injuries.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Core Stability training and issues.
  • Vertigo.
  • Ligament sprains & muscle strains.
  • Acute and chronic conditions and injuries of all peripheral joints.
  • Bio-mechanical issues of lower limbs, including feet.
  • General mobility, strength and movement problems following illness or immobility.

Excellent physio. Having been misdiagnosed by three practitioners beforehand, Suzanne was able to pinpoint the cause of my injury and offer sound, practical and manageable rehab exercises, which quickly resolved the problem. She is patient, professional and extremely thorough. I saw her once (the issue was a minor knee injury) and have had no issues with it since! Very impressive work!

Eimear Henry

Suzanne is bringing my hip pain level back to bearable after only 3 visits. Cannot recommend her enough.

John Wright

Suzanne was extremely pleasant and very professional. Not only did she identify possible causes for my back pains but explained every action throughout the therapy. I would definitely recommend her services.


The Barbarians Rugby Union Club have had the absolute pleasure of utilising the services of Suzanne from Wellness Embodied for the past 2 years. Suzanne has a level of knowledge, skill and professionalism that is second to none. Suzanne has worked tirelessly over those 2 years donating her time every Friday night during the season to our club to strap, prepare and render assistance where needed. All this was done out of the kindness of Suzanne's heart. As well as being an amazing physiotherapist Suzanne is a friend to all. We wish Wellness Embodied all the best in its venture into Cairns. If there is anyone that will make it happen it's you. We will miss seeing your smiling face around the club Suzanne and remember our club will always welcome you back with open arms.

Adam Buzzo - Club President Barbarians R.U.F.C

After having a serious MVA in 2012 and having many broken bones and plastic surgery l have been healing and rebuilding my body, mind and soul. After several physios l started working with Suzanne. Suzanne's expertise and dynamic energy provided me support beyond words. Along with numerous physio treatments including Yoga, breathing exercise, meditation, Pilate's, cranio and acupuncture, she opened a space within me providing a deeper healing l needed to make this a part of my daily living and return to a balanced life. She provided the professional support needed and also tailored a program to suit my philosophy of life. I am confident in recommending her to all that are in need of a wholistic approach to healing/life and recovery.

Fiona Campbell

Having worked with Suzanne for several years I can say that I found Suzanne to be very knowledgeable in her field, she delivers treatment in a calm and highly professional Manner treating her patients with clear and comprehensive instructions. She is hugely reassuring and supportive to her patients with a genuine interest in their treatment and rehabilitation, and highly regarded by both patients and Colleagues.

Pauline Hurrell

Suzanne is a true professional and she has helped me with neck pain and headaches in just 2 sessions! I intend to return and would not go anywhere else and would not hesitate to recommend Suzanne to anyone who is in need of help.

Kelley Moss

Had my first cranial sacral session and loved it. I have been having issues with my neck and headaches with no real answers for a few years now and Suzanne hit the nail on the head to the cause and not just treating the symptoms.

Elizabeth McVicar

Absolutely recommend. I'd had back pain for some time, paying for massages etc in an attempt to get some relief, with no real progress. The day after treatment from Suzanne, I woke up pain free. I strongly recommend you follow her exercises & treatment plans to get the best results. If I could travel to Cairns for appointments I would!!!

Susan Farrell

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