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Most of us know the benefits of physical activity such as walking, swimming, running, cycling (cardiovascular fitness). But strength training shouldn’t be forgotten in our exercise programs, especially as we age. Not only does physical activity have a vast array of general health benefits (heart health, weight control, bone density maintenance) but is also a key factor in improving memory, reducing depression and alleviating stress. Now walking for 30 minutes a day definitely has its benefits, but is it enough to provide lasting changes, and can including strength training help increase the benefits? A recent review of research articles found

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It seems like a drastic claim, but let’s look at some of the research. A 2012 study (Wilmot et al.) found sitting for greater than 7 hours doubled the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease and even had a 13% increased risk of cancer. And a 2015 review (Biswas et al.) of recent studies also found a significant association with sedentary lifestyle and cardiovascular disease, cancer incidence and type 2 diabetes incidence. The World Health Organization blames sedentary lifestyles for approximately two million deaths each year and considers physical inactivity to be one of the 10 leading causes

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