Functional Capacity Assessments can be used to provide a comprehensive overview and understanding of an individual’s current state of physical ability and wellbeing. When conducting one of these assessments, our team utilise a range of measures and tools to review your mobility, strength, balance, gait, range of movement, ability to perform functional tasks, aerobic capacity and any other relevant safety concerns or lifestyle needs. Once completed, the results are recorded, and your physical capacity is compared against what is considered ‘normal’ for your age group and/or occupation.


The results of your Cairns Functional Capacity Assessment can be used for a variety of purposes. These include but are not limited to: provide evidence for those seeking legal compensation for workplace or motor vehicle injury; support funding applications to schemes such as NDIS; to determine if the individual being assessed is capable of satisfying the physical requirements of any particular role or employment opportunity; also, goal setting to enhance lifestyle and personal capabilities. Our team are experienced at providing thorough Cairns Functional Capacity Assessments.


The assessment itself generally takes 1-2 hours, which provides sufficient time for our team to thoroughly assess every task you need to perform within your day. From there, the report writing time varies, depending on the level of disability and presenting needs. Our team can also utilise specific workplace templates, to provide proof of ability to carry out workplace roles. In some instances, home visits may be needed, to enable us to see how you function in your home environment. While in clinic, we have a full range of gym and testing equipment available to provide objective data.


Our Cairns Functional Capacity Assessments are suitable for people living with long-term conditions or disability and/or those who have suffered injury, or are in need of a comprehensive assessment of their current physical function and capacity. As physiotherapists, we’ve studied and trained in all aspects of human movement and are experienced in assessing and treating people with a full range of physical conditions.

Our team can draw on a range of tests and assessment tools, to assist with completing your assessment and obtaining the most comprehensive view of your current state. Based on the assessment findings, we can recommend the support that you potentially require to maintain your physical function and quality of life, and achieve your physical goals. Additionally, our Cairns occupational therapist can provide advice on the specific aids, devices and technology, which might enhance your ability to complete daily tasks with renewed confidence and capacity.


Accessing the NDIS or providing evidence of injury or function (for example following a traumatic accident or injury), requires comprehensive reports and evidence from Allied Health professionals and GP. At Wellness Embodied, we draw on our professional experience and utilise appropriate tests and equipment, including Active Force, MAT, Gait Scan, goniometry and other objective tools. We then prepare a comprehensive report on your physical capacity.

Our Cairns Functional Capacity Assessment Reports can assist and support funding applications to schemes such as NDIS. Once accepted in the NDIS, you can receive financial support to access physiotherapy, exercise physiology and occupational therapy. The reports can also be used to assist with plan reviews, when you feel you require further funding.


Referrals are not necessary to book a Cairns Functional Capacity Assessment, but please note that pre-booking is essential. Once completed, our team of Cairns physiotherapists and exercise physiologists can work with you, on an ongoing basis to support your functional goals and maintain your quality of life.

For example, if you have an ongoing deteriorating condition, and your goal is to maintain independence at home, our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists can practice different mobility training and exercises with you, and help you look at different assistive technologies to help you navigate at home safely. We can also look at hands-on therapies to assist with pain relief, movement improvements and other needs.

If you have any questions about our Cairns Functional Capacity Assessments, or are interested in having one, please phone (07) 4231 9777 for more information.

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