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Survive Survive is the stage many of our clients come to us at. They may have had an acute injury, be suffering from severe pain, or have a significant health concern like chronic fatigue, diabetes or more which is stopping them from doing what they want to do! Our Services at this stage include Physiotherapy & Osteopathy to assess, diagnose and treat the problem, Exercise Physiology to kickstart working towards some health outcomes and Remedial Massage for pain & tension relief.   Products which may help to relieve your pain and make you feel better, include tape, our range of

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We often get asked in practice if dry needling is the same as acupuncture. Although the same fine needles are used to elicit a change or reaction within the body, there are some key differences between the two.   What is dry needling and how does this differ to acupuncture? Dry needling involves inserting sterile needles into trigger points within the muscle. Trigger points are taut bands of muscle which can cause and contribute to pain within the body. Inserting the needle into these trigger points will elicite a local ‘twitch’ response, allowing the muscle to then relax and begin

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At Wellness Embodied, we offer orthotics prescription services utilising our GaitScan technology. Our therapists are qualified in assessing your need for orthotics, and will determine exactly what is going to be suitable.   So, who needs orthotics? If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, you may be in need of some extra arch support! – do you stand for long periods of time, and often leave work with aching feet? – do you suffer from low back, hip, knee, ankle or foot pain? – do you suffer from niggling overuse injuries such as stress fractures, tendon

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