Our principal Cairns physiotherapist, Suzanne Rath, is trained in DMA Clinical Pilates. This specific technique works with individuals in the acute or chronic stages of pain or injury, to provide fast relief. When practiced for a sustained period of time, there are long term improvements in posture, pain, strength, movement, wellbeing and more. Book a 1;1 Physiotherapy or Clinical Pilates appointment with Suzanne today, to see how this individualised treatment can help you.


At Wellness Embodied, our Cairns based physiotherapists are passionate about education and prevention of injury and disease. Our space can fit 10-12 people for educational purposes. We have previously run a number of successful workshops, including Healthy Spine, Manual Handling, Why Yoga and Breath Awareness. For information on upcoming workshops like us on Facebook.


Injuries, poor posture and long term pain lead to poor movement patterns, balance and significant muscle imbalance. Wellness Embodied’s Physiotherapists, together with our exercise physiologist, know that rehabilitation of these issues is crucial for healing and prevention of future pain and issues. At the Rehab Room we combine equipment and expertise in small number (max 5) classes, lasting 55 minutes.

The Rehab Room

If you attend 5 consecutive weeks of Rehab Room sessions and don’t have an improvement in pain, range of motion or strength , we’ll give you a free Physiotherapist led 1;1 exercise session.

Health fund rebates available; free for eligible DVA, Medicare, Workcover and CTP clients.

Kids Yoga

Kids yoga is designed to bring a culture of mindfulness and body awareness, which will have a positive impact on children into the future. It can include a mixture of games, yoga poses, creativity and story telling. 1;1 physiotherapist led yoga sessions for boys or girls aged 5-12 are available with our practice principal Suzanne Rath by appointment. Health fund rebates available under physiotherapy; free for eligible NDIS or Medicare referred clients.


Classes are suitable for most ages and all fitness levels. The emphasis is on health, wellness and being pain free. They are designed to engage and strengthen your mind, core muscles and body.

Let us remove the barriers to your full recovery from pain.

Classes take place at 53 Sheridan Street. Attendance is by booking only: bookings are essential. For more information contact Suzanne on 0488 588 670 or

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