Wellness Embodied supports many women through their pregnancy journey, providing natural therapy to help alleviate pregnancy pain and prepare for birth. We are also Cairns postnatal care providers, continuing to support you – and your baby – once they have arrived. No referrals needed.


Did you know there are steps and exercises you can take, to help prepare your body for birth? Leisa Lawson, one of our senior Physiotherapists, has worked on maternity wards for over 10 years and knows what will be helpful for you to know and practice, prior to giving birth. For a vaginal birth, the pelvis needs to open for birth, and the pelvic floor muscles need to be able to stretch. We can provide exercises to assist with this. If you are planning for a Caesarean delivery, it will be helpful for you to know what will help to reduce your abdominal discomfort in the early postnatal period. Our caring team can assist with advice and treatment.


If pain is making it difficult to look after your baby, our Cairns postnatal care providers can help. Some common concerns we see include back/pelvis or coccyx pain, neck or upper back pain, pain over scar, breastfeeding pain (mastitis or nipple trauma) and incontinence. Our postnatal recovery commences with an individual assessment and vaginal examination 6 weeks post birth (we can help you before this if needed). This enables us to tailor a treatment plan to help alleviate pain and optimise wellness and function. This may include but is not limited to, scar massage or de-sensitisation, a return to exercise and intercourse advice.


Unfortunately, many women suffer nipple trauma whilst breastfeeding, which can result in transition from breast to bottle. Nipple trauma can be caused by many different factors, including but not limited to inverted nipples, poor latch technique and incorrect use of automatic breast pumps. The severity of trauma varies from individual to individual and as with most things, early intervention is always best. Our Cairns postnatal care providers are here to help with advice, demonstrations (for latch technique) and treatment, including infrared / laser treatment which can assist with healing.


Mastitis is a common condition when breastfeeding; symptoms include redness, lump, tension, pain and fever. What causes mastitis? Recent Breastfeeding Medicine guidelines have highlighted the following:

  • We all have small levels of good/bad bacteria in our breast milk. We have a microbiome in our breast milk just like our gut and vagina.
  • Mastitis starts as inflammation, NOT an infection, so antibiotics are not recommended initially and in fact, taking antibiotics when they are not needed early after onset, makes it more likely that it will turn into a bacterial infection.
  • If left untreated, the bacterial levels in the breast milk increase, until it is bacterial mastitis.


Our team can provide advice and Cairns mastitis treatment. As always, early intervention is best with a focus on reducing inflammation. Therapeutic ultrasound has been shown to be very effective, especially when used in conjunction with cold packs, not rushing feed, being gentle with your handling of your breast, lymphatic drainage and getting your attachment checked by a lactation consultant.

It is important to NOT try to massage the “lump” out in your breast, this makes it worse and can increase inflammation. It is also suggested to wear light and loose clothing, not compressive bras / clothing.


Our Cairns postnatal care is gentle and natural, and complemented with advice that is tailored to your specific situation and symptoms. We understand that pain can make it difficult to look after your baby and we can help. At Wellness Embodied, we treat the person not just the body part.

Referrals are not necessary for our Cairns postnatal care. Health fund rebates are available and NDIS and Medicare clients are all eligible for these services. For more information or to book an appointment, please call us on (07) 4231 9777 or book online with Leisa, Catherine or Kate.

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Our Women's Health Management Team

Catherine Lipsett-Moore - Senior Physiotherapist & Naturopath

Catherine has degrees in Biology, Naturopathy and Physiotherapy. She is a strong advocate of holistic treatment and endeavours to treat the cause of the problem, while also alleviating the symptoms. She offers physiotherapy and naturopathy appointments at Wellness Embodied and looks forward to meeting you.

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Kate Jeremy - Senior Exercise Physiologist

Kate loves to find a way to meet a client where they are at and believes that everyone’s approach to exercise should be different. She loves to help patients with osteoporosis or osteopenia, mental health struggles, back pain, musculoskeletal issues and more.

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Leisa Lawson - Senior Physiotherapist

Leisa has a passion for helping women with all pregnancy niggles / pelvic girdle pain, prepare for birth (both vaginal and caesarean delivery) and helping them recover their pelvic floor, tummy and any discomfort after. She aims to treat the cause of the problem whilst relieving the symptoms.

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They have great physios, who get to know you as a person, not just your illness. They also do nice little personal touches, like sending you a birthday message or checking in via text to see you're ok after a treatment.


I presently visit 3 different staff members and I find what they are helping me with, always improves my situation. They really care for me as a person, and I appreciate that! The admin girls are like friends - laughing and talking with me. I feel like I'm coming to visit family when I walk through the door. I love your business' dedication to community also


I was impressed with the all-round service, not just physio, but also nutrition and exercise and breathing


I love the team and the space at Wellness Embodied and can't thank everyone enough for the amazing work they do


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