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When we look at physio treatment for pain in the head or neck, one of the things that sets us apart as physiotherapists is our skilled assessment and rehabilitation of muscle issues. Muscle imbalances can often lead to rotation or misalignment of vertebrae of the spine- if we fail to correct the muscle weaknesses, the problem will just keep recurring. Physiotherapy for head and neck pain at our clinics in Cairns often involves use of the biofeedback machine as an education, assessment and training tool. In this video, Suzanne, practice principal of Wellness Embodied Cairns, shows how the pressure biofeedback

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Tennis elbow is a tendinopathy of the outer group of tendons at the elbow. Often caused by issues around the neck and shoulder, as well as poor biomechanics, it is truly a condition which we need to ‘throw the kitchen sink at’. In this video, Suzanne assesses Jaz, a 15 year old wheelchair tennis and basketball player with tennis elbow.

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