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I’m really loving Kinesio Tape. As a problem solving physiotherapist, working with chronic pain and other issues, I often see people with various muscle imbalances which are contributing to their problems. We all tend to do some silly things that, over time, can build up and cause pain in our bodies. Examples include- poor postures, leg crossing, too much driving/ sitting, incorrect lifting and even standing too much to one side. I’ve been using this stretchy, awesome looking tape for years for postural correction and support, but a recent Symposium with Dr. Kase, founder of the technique back in the

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One of the first videos made by Suzanne, practice principal of Wellness Embodied, this knee taping video shows a little known technique for taping the Iliotibial band, as well as one of our favourite taping techniques- a variation on the McConnell tape for patellofemoral pain. There are many benefits of tape. Pain relief Offloading sensitised nerves (such as referred pain down the arm or leg, or following a whiplash injury) Stimulating muscle activity in deep anti- gravity muscles- correcting the muscle imbalances that research now shows is responsible for many pains. Postural correction. In the early days of the practice,

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