Cairns occupational therapy treatment, support and assessment is available at Wellness Embodied. Our Cairns Occupational Therapists are passionate about providing professional and supportive treatments, tailored to the goals and requirements of individual clients. Our Cooktown Occupational Therapist Chloe Beresford shares the same passions and believes a person’s unique experience, support network, culture, beliefs and interests must be considered throughout the therapy process. Please note these appointment can not be booked online. Please call our clinic on 07 4231 9777.


Occupational Therapists are AHPRA registered health professionals, trained to improve clients’ independence and function, in all activities of their daily life. Our caring Occupational Therapists (in Cairns and Cooktown) are committed to maximising every individual’s ability to be as independent as possible, in their everyday lives. Home assessments can be arranged, which allow us to complete a thorough review of your circumstances and property, then provide advice on the specific aids, devices and technology, which might enhance your ability to complete daily tasks with renewed confidence and capacity.


Our OT works with clients of all ages, who are either in recovery from an accident or have physical impairments from conditions such as: Parkinson’s Disease, Functional Neurological Disorders, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Post Operative, Chronic Disease and Autism. Occupational therapy Cairns and Cooktown assessments can be completed for the purpose of obtaining assistive technology from NDIS, as well as performing home modifications or obtaining aids to support everyday tasks. Advice and treatment is focussed on enhancing health and wellbeing around the house and in community. Appointments can be booked by phoning 07 4231 9777 or


At Wellness Embodied we always take a holistic, client centred approach to treatment, focussing on the person not the symptom. At our Cairns Complete Concussions Clinic and through our work with NDIS clients, we see a range of people struggling with memory issues, focus, concentration and mood disturbances. Our Occupational Therapists work with these clients, helping them achieve their goals and making their day to day functioning, easier. Our OT rehabilitation services include but are not limited to, assessments, coaching and advice on items such as planning, executive functioning and cognitive retraining.


Occupational therapy assessments generally take 45 minutes, with additional time for more complex assessments (e.g. Functional Capacity Assessment completion). During this assessment, our Occupational Therapists will look at your need for devices to assist with daily living tasks such as eating, washing, dressing or getting out into the community.

You can make an appointment to see our Occupational Therapists in Cairns or Cooktown. Our Occupational Therapists see clients of all ages and take a holistic, client centred approach to treatment and treatment planning.


Wellness Embodied are proud to add occupational therapy to our range of integrative, whole person health services, to improve the health of Cairns and Far North Queensland residents. Our Occupational Therapists work closely with our team of Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologist and Remedial Massage Therapists, to ensure all clients enjoy an optimised treatment approach to ensure better health.

Our team can train family and carers in the use of assistive devices and other treatment approaches, to help you meet your goals. We can also work closely with Support Coordinators, Workcover Case Managers, Doctors, Specialists and more.


Referrals are not necessary to book an appointment with our Occupational Therapists, in Cairns and Cooktown but they must be pre-booked. Appointments can be booked by phoning 07 4231 9777 or Please note – these appointments can not be booked online.

We treat clients of all ages: Private, DVA, WorkCover, CTP and other insurance claims, NDIS and GP referrals. NDIS clients can download a copy of our NDIS Referral Form here.

We offer health rebates on the spot for private clients, via the HiCaps system.

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Our Occupational Therapist Team

Chloe Beresford - Occupational Therapist

Chloe enjoys working with people of all ages, and is passionate about helping people to engage in activities that are important to them. Chloe believes a person’s unique experience, support network, culture, beliefs and interests must be considered throughout the therapy process.

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Jesse Booysen - Occupational Therapist

Jesse understands that each person has a unique set of goals and interests, and aims to support them to participate fully in those activities. She is passionate about tailoring her practice to complement the needs and preferences of her clients.

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Ranjita Shetty - Occupational Therapist

Ranjita provides paediatric occupational therapy, adult mental health services, assessments and rehabilitation.

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They have great physios, who get to know you as a person, not just your illness. They also do nice little personal touches, like sending you a birthday message or checking in via text to see you're ok after a treatment.


I presently visit 3 different staff members and I find what they are helping me with, always improves my situation. They really care for me as a person, and I appreciate that! The admin girls are like friends - laughing and talking with me. I feel like I'm coming to visit family when I walk through the door. I love your business' dedication to community also


I was impressed with the all-round service, not just physio, but also nutrition and exercise and breathing


I love the team and the space at Wellness Embodied and can't thank everyone enough for the amazing work they do


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