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Our fortnightly Facebook Wellness Embodied live videos are back! We are going live on Facebook every fortnight on Thursdays at 1:00pm (Cairns time) Tune in on Facebook to watch us live!   In this weeks Wellness Embodied Live, our Cairns Physiotherapist Alyza talks about exercise during pregnancy. If you or a loved one is pregnant and would like some guidance on exercising safely, please contact our Cairns clinic on 42319777 or visit our online booking page

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We are discussing all about exercise during pregnancy!   Congratulations! You may be expecting ūüôā¬† There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding this topic, as a lot of people may think that it is unsafe to exercise at all whilst pregnant. We are going to bust a few myths related to exercise during pregnancy! 🔹¬†Exercise is harmful to your baby 🔴¬†BUSTED – exercise is not harmful to your baby provided that you follow advice from your healthcare professional, and follow recommended guidelines on how to exercise safely 🔹¬†If I haven’t exercised before, I shouldn’t start exercising during pregnancy 🔴¬†BUSTED –

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