There is a new Cairns Strength and Conditioning coach in town, and it’s Alyza Brown at Wellness Embodied. Alyza is one of our dedicated physiotherapists and recently obtained her Level One Strength and Conditioning Coaching Certification through the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association. Her goal as a physiotherapist, and as one of Cairns’ strength and conditioning coaches, is to help athletes prepare, perform and rehabilitate if injury occurs.


Strength training is an integral component of developing athletic performance and preventing injury. It isn’t always about lifting heavy weights either! Alyza is trained to develop specific protocols for athletes, based on their sporting requirements, and can assist them in developing safe movement patterns that help them to execute their skills on the field, a lot more easily. Our strength training Cairns sessions can be done in team settings or individually, and will be designed to suit your specific needs.


Conditioning is the process of preparing your body, to be ready for your chosen sport or activity. It involves working the right energy system (aerobic, anaerobic, or ATP-PC), to build your fitness in a way that is specific to the demands for your sport. For example, if you played lawn bowls, you wouldn’t condition your body by training to run long distances! Our in-house Cairns strength and conditioning coach, prepares individual plans to suit the needs of each client.


As your Cairns strength and conditioning coach, Alyza will help you prepare for games and performance. This includes ensuring that adequate recovery strategies are implemented, that athletes are continually exposed to varying game-based activities with their exercises, and ensuring that their body’s are in tip top shape all-year-round. Alyza Brown takes a holistic approach to managing her athletes, and prides herself on ensuring that they are adequately prepared for game situations.

Cairns Strength and Conditioning Coach

Our Cairns strength and conditioning coach, Alyza Brown, also participates in contact sport herself, and understands the need to complete the full rehabilitation journey. With this knowledge, Alyza is able to communicate with the various coaching staff regarding athletes’ function and capacity, and can collaborate with the team to get the athlete back on the field as soon as possible.

Her goal is to help Cairns athletes transition from rehabilitation into return to sport, as well as assist with pre-season preparation to ensure that your body is in tip-top shape to perform, minimising your injury risk as much as possible!

The combination of her physiotherapist qualifications and Cairns strength and conditioning coach accreditations, enable Alyza to ensure that her clients experience and participate in the full rehabilitation pathway – moving from ‘Surviving to Thriving’ back on the field.

Our Treatments and Packages

At Wellness Embodied we treat the person, not just the body part. Our team of physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and naturopath can deliver a range of complementary services, which includes but is not limited to the following.

Our Cairns strength and conditioning coach will prepare an individualised plan to support your specific needs.


Pleased to provide a range of packages with our Cairns strength and conditioning coach.

You do not need a referral to book an appointment with our Cairns strength and conditioning coach, but you do need to pre-book and this should be done by calling our clinic on (07) 4231 9777.

We treat clients of all ages and offer health rebates on the spot for private patients via the HiCaps System.

Wellness Embodied is proud to offer this strength and conditioning service, and to maximise treatment and rehabilitation pathways from injuries. For more information, please call (07) 4231 9777 or book online.

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Our Strength and Conditioning Team

Alyza Brown - Senior Physiotherapist

Alyza is one of our CCMI trained Concussion Management Practitioners and provides Physiotherapy services to local sporting teams, including the Wanderers Rugby Union. She is also our Running and Strength / Movement Assessment Physiotherapist.

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Kate Jeremy - Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Kate loves to find a way to meet a client where they are at and believes that everyone’s approach to exercise should be different. She loves to help patients with osteoporosis or osteopenia, mental health struggles, back pain, musculoskeletal issues and more.

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They have great physios, who get to know you as a person, not just your illness. They also do nice little personal touches, like sending you a birthday message or checking in via text to see you're ok after a treatment.


I presently visit 3 different staff members and I find what they are helping me with, always improves my situation. They really care for me as a person, and I appreciate that! The admin girls are like friends - laughing and talking with me. I feel like I'm coming to visit family when I walk through the door. I love your business' dedication to community also


I was impressed with the all-round service, not just physio, but also nutrition and exercise and breathing


I love the team and the space at Wellness Embodied and can't thank everyone enough for the amazing work they do


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