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Benign: because it is easy to fix Paroxysmal: symptoms start very suddenly, without other symptoms ever happening before Positional : when you put your head in a specific position Vertigo: sensation of movement when you are stationary    Crystals? What crystals? They live in our inner ear. They are formed by calcium and carbonate. They lie down on hairy cells and they move every time we move our head up and down or during acceleration and deceleration of our body. Like if you had little rocks lying on your head: every time you bend your head forward they will fall,

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RECOMMENDATIONS: 1. Light physical activity each day in the first 5 days, provided it: –Does not exacerbate symptoms –Does not put you at risk for hitting your head 2. Light cognitive activity for the first 2-3 days: -Screens ok, cognitive activity ok -Do whatever doesn’t provoke your symptoms too much and DO NOT do anything which places you at risk of hitting your head 3. Driving protocol: DO NOT DRIVE FOR THE FIRST 48 HS Stage 1–Riding in a car as a passenger. If your symptoms do not increase for 24 hours, you can move to stage 2 Stage 2–Driving around neighbourhood with

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POST CONCUSSION SYNDROME (PCS)  What is it? It is a group of symptoms following a direct blow to the head, face or neck or by an indirect impulsive force transmitted to the head. If after the concussion, symptoms are prolonged for longer than 10 days, we call it Post Concussion Syndrome. 5 Main Causes of PCS & how we are going to tackle each one: –Blood Flow : We will assess your cardiovascular system to find your ideal level to exercise at. This will help to provide your brain with enough blood flow to heal, without exacerbating your symptoms. –Metabolic/Inflammatory: We will provide you

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