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Written by Suzanne Rath, Practice Principal Physiotherapist, Wellness Embodied Cairns. You’re reading a blog on a physiotherapy site and therefore we can assume that you’re a pretty health literate member of the population, or perhaps even a fellow health professional. But if you think you know every area that physiotherapists work in, think again… At the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s Business and Leadership Conference in Darwin this year, speakers from health insurance companies and representatives of the physiotherapy profession pointed out that policy makers don’t actually know what physiotherapists do, much less members of the public. But one area which you probably

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One of the first videos made by Suzanne, practice principal of Wellness Embodied, this knee taping video shows a little known technique for taping the Iliotibial band, as well as one of our favourite taping techniques- a variation on the McConnell tape for patellofemoral pain. There are many benefits of tape. Pain relief Offloading sensitised nerves (such as referred pain down the arm or leg, or following a whiplash injury) Stimulating muscle activity in deep anti- gravity muscles- correcting the muscle imbalances that research now shows is responsible for many pains. Postural correction. In the early days of the practice,

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