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So now’s the time to speak about the joint that helps us speak! The temperomandibular joint is medically known as the TMJ however commonly referred to as the ‘Jaw’. A surprising number of people suffer from temperomandibular disorders (TMD), however very few people seek treatment. It has been speculated that one of the reasons why people experiencing TMD don’t seek treatment is simply for the reason, they don’t know who to seek help from! Being the ‘jaw’ region, a number of people will seek help from dentists and doctors however very few people actually seek help from physiotherapists which is surprising as being musculoskeletal experts we

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Recently, I have noticed that there has been an increase in the number of knee injuries coming through the doors here at Wellness Embodied. So today I am going to take the opportunity to provide you with some information on the common knee injuries and how physiotherapy can help to manage these. Patellofemoral joint syndrome – commonly referred to as PFJ syndrome or PFJ pain This is a very common knee complaint, which may present in both sedentary and active population groups throughout the lifespan. Patients experiencing PFJ pain will often complain of pain when ascending or descending stairs and squatting.  PFJ pain often occurs

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Written by Melissa Gibbins We had a huge response to our Facebook livestream on plantarfasciopathy the other day which has prompted me to write this quick blog. It seems that many of you are suffering from the persistent heel pain associated with the condition.  You know the type I’m talking about, it almost makes you scream to put your foot down in the morning and you cross the room looking like you’re walking on hot coals. All whilst your family or (or pets) look on in wonder and confusion. They don’t understand because you didn’t actually injure yourself and often

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