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Is there such a thing as perfect posture?

Well, to be honest, no. Posture is defined as the arrangement of the body and its limbs, but it is also defined as a mental or spiritual attitude. And what does it mean? Well…it means that there is not a unique posture. We are constantly moving and changing the arrangement of our body. If you are sitting and working on the computer you will have a different posture than if you are standing giving a speech, or just standing waiting in a long queue. The phrase, ‘your best posture is your next posture is relevant’- we need to move as humans!

With the current Covid 19 situation in Cairns and worldwide, many people will be working from home, in offices and positions which are unusual for them. It may be fine to sit with your laptop on your knees in bed for half an hour researching holidays on a Saturday morning- however, sitting like this for 9 hours a day, 5 days per week isn’t exactly ideal and may lead to injury or pain. Good posture has an “ideal” outcome: to maximise our body energy, making sure the muscles that are working are the ones that should be working.

When, as physiotherapists in Cairns, we look  at improving your posture, we simply mean that you should modify the technique or position you are holding to prevent injuries such as muscle tightness, tendinopathy or even degenerative changes in your joints. This may mean setting your laptop at the correct height, using an ergonomic keyboard, placing a cushion under you when sitting, ordering the correct office chair online- advice will differ from person to person.


Why choose a physiotherapist to look at your home office set up? We know the way your body should move, we can assess if the movement or position you are holding is not the most efficient, and we can help you to modify it and improve it!

It’s easy to book a video posture consult- all you need is a smart phone (this is preferable for these consults, as you can move it so we can access your whole work area!). Don’t worry, we won’t be looking at the mess! Send us an email on admin@wellnessembodiedcairns.com, call 07 42319777 or hop onto our online booking. 

Don’t forget, we’re still open for 1:1 bookings (at time of writing!) in our Cairns City physiotherapy clinic, as well as video consults to assess new and existing pain and injury- please get in touch.

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