The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is your jaw, comprising your mandible (jaw bone) and temporal bone (bone in your skull). The TMJ can sometimes become sore and uncomfortable, limiting your ability to take bites of food, speak or sleep without clenching your teeth. Many suffers seek help from dentists or doctors but our team of Cairns physiotherapists are trained in the management of Cairns TMJ dysfunction and TMJ-related issues.


TMJ dysfunction can present in a myriad of ways, from jaw pain on one or both sides, to clicking when opening or closing your mouth and teeth grinding at night. These symptoms can arise from weakness in the muscles around the jaw, instability in the ligaments, stress, or neck dysfunction. People with chronic inflammatory arthritis, jaw trauma or poorly positioned teeth are also at increased risk and can benefit from our Cairns TMJ and jaw pain treatment.


Whatever the cause, our Cairns TMJ and jaw pain treatment physiotherapists will assess and provide you with holistic, patient-centred care to suit your needs. Even for those with long-standing and severe symptoms, our Cairns TMJ and jaw pain treatment plans include a range of non-invasive, conservative physiotherapy treatments that deliver results within 3 to 6 weeks for most people.


TMJ dysfunction, like most injuries, can be a recurring problem throughout your life. However, it is largely self-limiting, tends not to be progressive and can be managed independently through exercise and physiotherapy.

There are a multitude of different causes of TMJ dysfunction, as lots of the structures in your jaw (muscles, vessels and nerves) that go to this area are the same ones that go to your neck. Hence, any issue affecting the neck can end up affecting the TMJ too, and vice versa.

At Wellness Embodied, our qualified team of Cairns TMJ and jaw pain treatment physiotherapists treat each patient as an individual, providing whole-person care as well as treating the presenting condition. We also offer Cairns TMJ and jaw pain treatment video consultations for new and existing clients.

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Our Cairns TMJ and jaw pain treatments include:

  • Jaw strengthening to improve biomechanics of the jaw on opening and closing.
  • Soft tissue release of the muscles surrounding the jaw to provide pain relief (including intra-oral work).
  • Watson Headache technique to reduce headache frequency and intensity associated with TMJ dysfunction, face pain or jaw pain.
  • Advice and education about activity modification, food consistency and muscle patterns.

We usually see a recovery within 3-6 weeks, so there has never been a better time to get started with your Cairns TMJ dysfunction treatment. Don’t suffer in silence, the team at Wellness Embodied can help.


Speak to us today about how we can help get you on the road to recovery with Cairns TMJ and jaw pain treatments as soon as possible. Referrals are not necessary.

We treat clients of all ages: private, DVA, WorkCover, CTP and other insurance claims and GP referrals. We also offer health rebates on the spot for private clients, via the HiCaps system.

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They have great physios, who get to know you as a person, not just your illness. They also do nice little personal touches, like sending you a birthday message or checking in via text to see you're ok after a treatment.


I presently visit 3 different staff members and I find what they are helping me with, always improves my situation. They really care for me as a person, and I appreciate that! The admin girls are like friends - laughing and talking with me. I feel like I'm coming to visit family when I walk through the door. I love your business' dedication to community also


I was impressed with the all-round service, not just physio, but also nutrition and exercise and breathing


I love the team and the space at Wellness Embodied and can't thank everyone enough for the amazing work they do


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