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​Note from Suzanne Rath: I was lucky enough to run into Suzanne Scarrow at a women’s networking event in Cairns, having seen her events on relationship health pop up in my Facebook Newsfeed. Suzanne (what a great name!) is also a member of “Cairns Health and Wellbeing”, a Facebook group I set up to encourage sharing of information, collaboration and social gatherings amongst anyone working in, or interested in, health and wellbeing in Cairns. As I was asking her about Emotional Freedom Techniques, she very kindly offered to write a blog post for me! Suzanne is a trained psychologist, a

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One of the first videos made by Suzanne, practice principal of Wellness Embodied, this knee taping video shows a little known technique for taping the Iliotibial band, as well as one of our favourite taping techniques- a variation on the McConnell tape for patellofemoral pain. There are many benefits of tape. Pain relief Offloading sensitised nerves (such as referred pain down the arm or leg, or following a whiplash injury) Stimulating muscle activity in deep anti- gravity muscles- correcting the muscle imbalances that research now shows is responsible for many pains. Postural correction. In the early days of the practice,

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Have you got pain in lots of places? Maybe you’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or another chronic pain condition. Or you’ve suffered a whiplash injury where your pain started in one spot and moved to other parts of your body- sometimes weeks or even years later. Your feeling that ‘everything hurts’ could even have stemmed from something as simple as the fact that limping on a sprained ankle put your back out. Wellness Embodied physiotherapist and founder Suzanne Rath shares five key points about pain in multiple areas and explains how physiotherapy can help. ​ 1) The brain-body link. If

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