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Do you brush your teeth every day?… why not brush your joints? Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) promote joint hygiene and longevity. CARs are defined as ‘active, rotational movements at the outer limits of articular motion’.’ These movements help to maintain joint health, identify movement limitations and can also act as a ‘warm-up’ for the neuromechanical interplay that is joint movement. An element of the Functional Range Conditioning system developed by Dr. Andreo Spina, CARs help to: Maintain range of motion Increase the health and longevity of your joints Act as a screening process Assist the rehabilitation process We have all

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Most of us know the benefits of physical activity such as walking, swimming, running, cycling (cardiovascular fitness). But strength training shouldn’t be forgotten in our exercise programs, especially as we age. Not only does physical activity have a vast array of general health benefits (heart health, weight control, bone density maintenance) but is also a key factor in improving memory, reducing depression and alleviating stress. Now walking for 30 minutes a day definitely has its benefits, but is it enough to provide lasting changes, and can including strength training help increase the benefits? A recent review of research articles found

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