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Our Downloadable Free Resources

Personal Message from Suzanne Rath, the Director & Lead Physiotherapist of Wellness Embodied: “There is so much information out there nowadays on the internet, that researching a treatment approach and practitioner can get quite confusing. We have created a series of free downloadable resources, to provide you with information on our services and some strategies and tools that we have used over the years, to help 1000s of patients just like you, get relief from pain and be the best version of yourself, you can be.”

  • After School Routine Chart - Would you like to add some structure into your child/ren’s after school routine. This chart can help. Customise to suit your child / family. Download
  • Assistive Equipment Guide - There is a range of assistance equipment available which can help you be as independent as possible, in your everyday life at home. Download
  • Beat Fatigue Ebook - 5 things you can do right now to boost your energy. A free guide prepared by our team at Wellness Embodied. Download
  • Bed Sticks and Rails - A bed stick can assist with many things, but there are also precautions and some dangers. Download our free resource for more info. Download
  • Concentration Strategies - Tips and strategies to help improve your concentration and some activities to improve attention. Download
  • Ease Plantar Fasciitis at Home Today - 7 simple ways you can help get relief from plantar fasciitis pain at home, and get back to doing the things you love. Download
  • Emotional Regulation Strategies - There are many strategies which can be used to support emotional regulation. To see what works for you, try each strategy at least once. Download
  • Energy Conservation Strategies - There are many strategies to encourage energy conservation. We’re pleased to provide some in this free downloadable resource. Download
  • Executive Function - Executive functioning refers to a person’s ability to think, reason and adapt to change. This resource provides info on the ways it can be managed. Download
  • Fatigue Management - Fatigue management is complex. This free downloadable resource provides tips and prompts on energy conservation. Download
  • Hockey 5 Ways to Stretch - Do your legs feel tired after hockey? This book has 5 effective ways to stretch your muscles, to achieve maximum on field performance. Download
  • Homework Checklist - A simple ‘Homework Checklist’ which you can download, print out and use to help your child structure their homework and assignments. Download
  • How To Prepare For A Cycling Event - Our tips to help you get ready for the Cardiac Challenge and other cycling events! Helping you be the best version of yourself. Download
  • Memory Strategies - Downloadable information sheet, which provides some strategies to support your memory and assist with storing and retrieving information. Download
  • Relief From Hip Bursitis At Home - 5 strategies we have used to help 1000s of patients get relief from bursitis pain, and get back to doing the things they love. Download
  • Stress Management - The ‘Stress Bucket’ is a tool used to identify what might be adding to or lessening a person’s ability to deal with stress. Download
  • Stretching for Cyclists EBook - Cyclists should make stretching a part of their daily routine – here are 5 muscle groups you shouldn’t forget about. Download
  • Tackle Your MS Head On - 6 ways our unique program can help you tackle your Multiple Sclerosis head on. Download
  • Vertigo Rehabilitation Program - Our information pack to give you more information about how our Vertigo Rehabilitation Program works and what Vestibular Rehab Physiotherapy is. Download
  • Visual Perception Management Strategies - A downloadable fact sheet providing you with easy to follow strategies to manage your visual perception. Download
  • Word Finding Strategies - This Occupational Therapy resource focuses on identifying generalised practical strategies to assist with word-finding. Download
  • Zones of Regulation - This sheet provides some self-regulation strategies for your emotions and emotional state. Download

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