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Training for the IronMan 70.3? 


One of the biggest things we see from our athletes is that they leave their niggles to the last possible minute, which then results in them becoming full blown issues! 


Many of our athletes are currently working towards the Iron Man, held in June this year. It is getting towards the end of peaks in training, and people are starting to feel the fatigue. NOW is the time to book an appointment for the remedial massage, or to get your aches and pains assessed and addressed so that you can go into the event feeling like the best version of yourself. 


What can you do to make sure you’re looking after yourself? 

  1. Recovery is ESSENTIAL!! You won’t make gains in your training, if you are not ensuring that your recovery is ample to suit your training load. This means good quality sleep, foam rolling/stretching sore muscles, refuelling your body after training, and making sure you include a recovery day in your program 
  2. Regular massages during high volume training blocks – this comes under the banner of recovery, but it deserves it’s own stand alone point! Having sports massages can help to manage those small niggles, and prevent them from becoming larger issues that can impact your performance! 
  3. Have a small niggle? Get it assessed by one of our qualified physiotherapists to determine what you can do to ensure you can get through your event 


And after? 


Many athletes will continue some form of training after the IronMan event. It’s important to continue with rehabilitation to ensure that you are in your peak for your next performance. Addressing needs like orthotic support, strength training, and movement/mobility restrictions are essential to maintaining good body and joint health. 


Remember! You service your car regularly, why not your body? 


If you want more information, see the links above to our online booking platform, as well as to our various web-pages on the services that we provide. Alternatively, give the clinic a call on (07) 4231 9777 to speak to one of our lovely admin staff today! 

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