Exercise physiologists are trained to understand the physical and mental benefits that the human body derives from exercise. They apply this knowledge to support individuals requiring injury rehabilitation and chronic disease management, as well as assisting healthy athletes to prevent injury from exercise in the first place. No matter your age or physical condition, our Cairns exercise physiologist can assess and recommend an exercise program to maximise your functional movement capacity and quality of life.


Our accredited Cairns exercise physiologist designs exercise programmes to support patients with chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or asthma, as well as those recovering from injuries or surgery. The first step is a comprehensive assessment using exercise tests, movement assessments and interview, to review your overall health status and goals. Health fund rebates are available and NDIS, Medicare and DVA clients are all eligible for this service when you choose Wellness Embodied.


Based on the details of your assessment, our Cairns exercise physiologist will analyse your movement capacity and any pre-existing conditions, applying evidence-based strategies to build a safe and effective exercise program tailored to meet your goals. Whether it’s returning to the touch footy field or adjusting to life with a chronic issue, we’ll support you with individual exercise programmes, including specific health and wellbeing, lifestyle modification and nutrition advice.


Our accredited Cairns exercise physiologist is committed to supporting you with tailored, evidence-based exercise plans to increase your physical capacity and quality of life in the long term. We can assist and support patients with the following:

  • Chronic injury and surgery rehabilitation.
  • Management of chronic health conditions and issues including: cardiovascular conditions, kidney conditions, cancer, metabolic issues, musculoskeletal, neurological and respiratory.
  • Safe and accessible exercise for people with a disability.
  • Support with mental health conditions.
  • Safe antenatal and postnatal exercise, including for high intensity sports/activities.
  • Exercise for children and adolescents with chronic conditions, disabilities, injuries and mental health conditions.
  • Injury prevention and performance & technique improvement in regards to lifting weights, gym routines and safe lifting practices.
  • Assessment prior to returning to exercise after injury, long periods of rest, or surgery.


Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists are best placed for provision of exercise for health, including in the presence of chronic disease management or injury rehabilitation.

As such, the addition of Cairns exercise physiologist Kate Jeremy provides delivery of individualized assessment & exercise prescription to improve the quality of life for her patients, whether that be for day-to-day activities, high intensity sports, or rehabilitation. As well as consulting in our clinics, Kate is also available for limited home, gym and/or pool appointments.

She is committed to working with clients from all walks of life to assist them to exercise safely. She can also work with other practitioners, including our team of Allied Health professionals which includes Cairns physiotherapists, osteopaths, occupational therapist and naturopath, to ensure a holistic approach to injury rehabilitation and prevention, as well as management of chronic conditions.


Referrals are not necessary to book one of our Cairns exercise physiology consultations. Health fund rebates are available and NDIS, Medicare and DVA clients are all eligible for this service.

Our Cairns Exercise Physiologist Kate Jeremy, is currently offering Cairns exercise physiology appointments on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

For more information or to book a Cairns exercise physiology consultation, please call us on 07 4231 9777 or book online.

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