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Are you watching the social media feeds of others in lockdown, touting their extra exercise time, lovely veggie gardens and clean houses and wondering where your Mojo is?

You’re not alone! For every person we see in clinic who’s sticking to their online exercise routine religiously, or baking sourdough, we see several others who are just fed up and want all of this to end now. This is particularly true for our clients who are awaiting surgery or are still in self isolation at home.


Some of the most powerful ways of ‘resetting’ are tools which we share in clinic- namely, Breathwork and Craniosacral Therapy. Both of these are bookable with us: online Wim Hof and Breathing assessments/ coaching (as well as standard video physio consults) through Campbell, as well as in clinic Craniosacral Therapy with Suzanne. We’ve also created numerous free resources to help you settle in, including our recent Facebook lives on meditation, Body scanning and breathwork. All of these are under videos on our Facebook page, as well as on our You Tube Channel. And if you need to catch up on our weekly newsletters, these are all on our blog.


We’d love to hear what you’ve been doing during lockdown to keep active, as the most common presentations we are seeing in clinic right now are injuries and pains due to sitting and de-conditioning. We know it can be difficult to stay motivated- so we’ve put together and attached a PDF guide to numerous businesses in Cairns offering online classes and coaching right now- attached here: Online Exercise Classes in Cairns

We have foam rollers, resistance tubing, spiky balls, exercise balls and 2.5kg dumbbells in stock in clinic to help with your home exercise needs. Why not check out our physio-led lower limb strengthening class, glutes class or foam roller classes– lifetime access, so you can do the session whenever you like!


What have we been up to? Well, Marnie (who some of you may have seen is now BACK to work part time- hurray!) is pretty busy running around after a 6 month old and 3 year old! Danielle has embraced the world of online cycling racing on Zwift. Clara is running a video exercise session for her family in Argentina each morning, as well as keeping her dog Higo tired enough to prevent him escaping through windows! Alyza is completing the May 50k, running 50km over May to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis- her donation page is here. And Suzanne is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her new Mountain Bike (yay!).

In clinic we continue to maintain the strictest hygiene standards and screening of staff and clients. We’re also looking at rolling out some new online programs, including the FAME exercise program for clients post stroke, as well as a PEAK program for people suffering from Osteoarthritis. To be on our list for information when these are up and running, send us an email or text. We’re particularly excited about these evidence based services to assist people who wouldn’t usually be able to make a physio appointment- so if you know anybody living on a station or in an area which is under-serviced, please forward our emails/ ask them to contact us to subscribe to our mailing list. PLUS- next week Suzanne, Clara & Alyza all start the Complete Concussion Management training to become an accredited concussion assessment and treatment centre. We already class post concussion syndrome and some of its associated symptoms (e.g. headaches and vertigo) as amongst our clinical interest areas- we’re confident that this training will put us ahead of the game when it comes to preventing people from developing the debilitating symptoms of post concussion, as well as improving concussion management for the Cairns community.

That’s about all from us for this week! We’d love to hear what you’re doing, anything you’ve learned, or things you may be struggling with right now- please reach out at any point. Have a great week and stay safe and well.

Suzanne, Clara, Alyza, Danielle & Marnie.

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