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Did you know that one of the best lines of defence against Covid-19 (or any virus) is through your nose? Breathing through your nose allows the tiny hairs there (cilia) to filter air before it reaches your lungs, reducing toxins. Slow, relaxed deep breathing is an excellent way to calm down and alleviate stress.

If you’d like to start a great breath-work practice at home and learn more about the role of the breath, our Breathing for Daily Living is available on our website- lifetime access for just $34.95. This was created by our physio Campbell, who is also a certified Wim Hof instructor- the breath is truly his passion and the effects of breathwork are life-changing! See our Courses section for further info or call/email us if you’re having an issue with purchase/ access.

Our Remote/ Telehealth consults are available for booking now. Perfect for clients who live out of Cairns, or are unable to make an appointment in clinic, all you need is Skype or Zoom (both free software programs) for a video link and we can start you on the road to recovery. For further information on suitability, please don’t hesitate to email us.

Finally, we would ask that if you have been to a high risk country, please don’t attend for physiotherapy for 14 days following your return. Also, we ask that you cancel your appointment ASAP if you develop flu-like symptoms. A remote consult may be a great idea for you! We commit to keeping our staff, workplace and more a healthy and healing place for all of our clients and look forward to continuing to help you on your pain management journey!

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