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The Quadratus Lumborum (QL) is a deep lower back muscle that lies on both sides of the lumbar spine. The QL muscle is critical for spinal stability and side bending, and it has the capacity to cause a lot of pain and imbalance when it gets tight.

Quadratus Lumborum (QL) Muscle

QL Muscle Pain

The QL muscle has the capacity to cause a lot of pain in the body when it is ridden with trigger points, also known as knots. Trigger points are tight, shortened bands of muscle that constantly pull on joints when present. Constant muscle tension induced by trigger points can create high levels of tightness, muscle imbalance, and eventually pain. The pain felt by QL muscle trigger points and tightness can feel like general aching lower back pain and weakness, but can also refer pain to the top of the rear hips.

QL Muscle Pain Relief

The first step to eliminating QL muscle pain is to break up the trigger points and tightness through deep tissue massage. This can be done by the hands of a trained physiotherapist, or at home with a targeted QL release tool like QL Claw.

Building QL Muscle Strength

After effective release of the QL muscle, it can be very beneficial to strengthen the muscle to improve lower back strength and resilience. A few great exercises for building strength in the QL muscle include the side plank, suitcase carry, and overhead paloff press.

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