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I’m really loving Kinesio Tape.

As a problem solving physiotherapist, working with chronic pain and other issues, I often see people with various muscle imbalances which are contributing to their problems. We all tend to do some silly things that, over time, can build up and cause pain in our bodies. Examples include- poor postures, leg crossing, too much driving/ sitting, incorrect lifting and even standing too much to one side.

I’ve been using this stretchy, awesome looking tape for years for postural correction and support, but a recent Symposium with Dr. Kase, founder of the technique back in the 1960s, opened up a whole range of extra possibilities for me. Just the other day I was able to increase hamstring range of motion in a client by facilitating the right muscles with tape. Below is a picture from the course slides.

What you may not know about Kinesio Tape:

  • It’s an AWESOME problem solving tool. As more and more research shows pain and injuries stem from muscle imbalances, Kinesio tape can be used to observe the effects of switching a muscle on, or relaxing it. Physiotherapists, as the experts in muscle, are best placed to assess and guide you through healing.
  • It’s great for acute pain.
  • It helps with lymphatic drainage, therefore decreasing swelling in acute injuries.
  • It works really well for kids with sensory and movement issues. As an example, kids on the autism spectrum often seek external stimuli… kinesio tape provides this sensory stimulus, enabling better muscle control and calmer behaviours.
  • It is hypoallergenic, which means it can often be used on people who are allergic to everyday sports tape.
  • Kinesio Tape are bringing out some ‘self-tape’ packs for clients to use and Wellness Embodied will be the first in Cairns to stock these. We already have similar packs from Grip It- for just $9 you can try a tape to assist your knee, plantar fascia, shoulder, back, Achilles, elbow or lymphatic drainage.

Written by Suzanne Rath, Practice Principal of Wellness Embodied Cairns.

Our Remedial Massage Therapist and all physiotherapy staff are trained in use of Kinesio tape and rigid tape. Why not ask at your next appointment. If you have a specific event coming up and know you just need an ankle/ knee/ shoulder etc. taped, why not book a 10 minute taping consult? Call 07 42319777, book online or email admin@wellnessembodiedcairns.com

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