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Our fortnightly Facebook Wellness Embodied live videos are back! We are going live on Facebook every fortnight on Thursdays at 1:00pm (Cairns time) Tune in on Facebook to watch us live.   In this week of our Facebook lives, our physio Clara will be explaining common causes and symptoms of vestibular dysfunction in kids and what the treatment options are. If you would like more information about our Cairns paediatric vestibular rehab, please visit our blog page or call our friendly clinic staff on 4231 9777 for more info or to book in with us.

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It is well known that a dysfunction of the vestibular system can cause symptoms such as vertigo, dizziness and imbalance. New research shows that kids with a vestibular dysfunction can also present learning difficulties and delayed fine and gross motor skills . At Wellness Embodied we have developed a comprehensive rehab program to improve your child’s quality of life. Common symptoms are: spinning nausea vomiting headaches imbalance falls learning difficulties, motion sickness delayed motor skills. Causes- Prevalence: Sensorineural hearing loss: 80% Cochlear implant: 51% Congenital CMV 92% Ototoxicity- Chemo: 61% Prematurity: 10% TBI: 30-80% Chronic otitis media with effusion: 71%

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Do you suffer from chronic dizziness but you haven’t found any answers about what has been going on? Have you ever heard of 3PD?…here is a short explanation… Persistent postural perceptual dizziness = 3PD It is long duration unsteadiness and dizziness (longer than 3 months), that worsens when standing and walking, or when going to busy environments such as supermarkets, shopping centres, crowded or open places; or exposed to complex visual stimuli like patterned carpets or watching traffic. 3PD is usually initiated after a vertigo episode , where the spinning feeling goes away but there is persistent dizziness that does not

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