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Do you suffer from chronic dizziness but you haven’t found any answers about what has been going on? Have you ever heard of 3PD?…here is a short explanation…

Persistent postural perceptual dizziness = 3PD

It is long duration unsteadiness and dizziness (longer than 3 months), that worsens when standing and walking, or when going to busy environments such as supermarkets, shopping centres, crowded or open places; or exposed to complex visual stimuli like patterned carpets or watching traffic.
3PD is usually initiated after a vertigo episode , where the spinning feeling goes away but there is persistent dizziness that does not get better. However, it can also initiate after an anxiety attack, migraine episode, head concussion, whiplash or neck injury , or any other injury .
What our patients commonly describe is a sensation of non spinning vertigo , but here we give you some examples of what they may tell us:
-“I feel a sense of motion – it’s whirling – even though I’m still”
– “I feel as if my body is swaying like I’m on a boat”
-“I feel I’m about to fall”
– “I feel as if I might pass out”
– “I feel spaced out/as if my legs are spongy/as if I’m floating”
So what can we do for you?
The evidence shows that vestibular rehabilitatin guided by a qualified and trained physiotherapist will help, together with the appropriate medical management.
The vestibular rehab consists of training your balance and gait to help you to feel more confident when walking and to avoid falls; and also we will provide you with exercises that will help your symptoms to go away.
If you want to know more about this or to book a comprehensive vestibular assessment appointment with our vestibular physio Clara, please contact us on 42319777 or email us on admin@wellnessembodiedcairns.com or visit our online booking page

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