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What is the current prevailing narrative of an athlete who sustains an ACL tear?   This was the first question that I was asked when completing the Global Specialist Physiotherapy course on Non-Operative ACL management. The answer is that patients immediately think, and are advised that surgery is the only option for optimal healing.   BUT, this is no longer true.   Over the last couple of decades, research has been trickling through showing that the ACL can spontaneously heal with the right rehabilitation. It has also debunked some common myths surrounding ACL reconstruction surgeries, such as:   – having

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Did you know that studies have shown that approximately 10% of people who participate in contact sports will sustain a concussion at some point during their career? If you have a team of 15 players, it is likely that one or more will have already sustained a concussion at some point during their contact sport career.   So, why is this important?   Left untreated and unmanaged, concussions can lead to a whole range of chronic health issues such as headaches, neck pain, dizziness, and fatigue, just to name a few. Returning to play to soon, is one of the

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