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Kids Yoga is coming to Wellness Embodied!! Let’s talk about kids yoga! Kids yoga is a combination of games, postures and breathing exercises. Yoga is beneficial for the body and mind, it helps kids to cope with stress and improves their physical fitness. It is a fun way for children to develop different skills in a non-competitive environment. They can develop strength, coordination, balance in a supportive environment that allows them to relax and have fun. Benefits of Yoga for Children Yoga is good for our body and mind! Some of the benefits of yoga for children are the following:

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Awww, little people! Physiotherapy in paediatrics is a huge area, which includes kids with respiratory conditions (more on these to come in a future post- in fact, some of the best responders to chest physiotherapy are little babies in intensive care, whose conditions can change rapidly), neurological conditions (such as cerebral palsy, poor development, etc.) and your general sprains and strains. One of the nicest physio jobs I’ve known of in paediatrics belonged to a friend of mine who worked solely with blind children- because they were lacking the key sense of sight, they failed to develop as quickly as

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Damage to the nervous system occurs for a number of reasons. Trauma to the brain before or during birth can produce a series of changes in a baby which are grouped under the blanket term of Cerebral Palsy. All age groups can suffer from spinal cord or head injuries due to accidents. Older adults often fall victim to debilitating neurological diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, or can suffer from CVAs (Cerebrovascular accidents, commonly known as a stroke). Because the nervous system is responsible for regulation of everything in the body, the effects of damage to it are variable – they

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