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What is it?

It is a group of symptoms following a direct blow to the head, face or neck or by an indirect impulsive force transmitted to the head. If after the concussion, symptoms are prolonged for longer than 10 days, we call it Post Concussion Syndrome.

5 Main Causes of PCS & how we are going to tackle each one:

Blood Flow : We will assess your cardiovascular system to find your ideal level to exercise at. This will help to provide your brain with enough blood flow to heal, without exacerbating your symptoms.

Metabolic/Inflammatory: We will provide you with the Brain Recovery Diet as well as the addendum written by our Cairns Physiotherapist and Naturopath Catherine. It includes very important information and a sample of a daily Brain Recovery Diet Plan! Please find it attached. 

Adequate rest is also important to avoid delayed recovery.  A concussion can alter the way you sleep. Some patients have difficulties falling asleep, some others sleep too much. We have attached a document with very interesting and useful information to avoid this from happening to you!

Avoiding long lasting inflammation can help to prevent chronic symptoms!

Visual/Vestibular: Our physios are highly trained to assess your vestibular system. This can help you to improve symptoms such as dizziness, blurred vision, motion sickness,vertigo, etc.

Cervical : After a head concussion, the cervical spine (neck) can be affected. You can experience symptoms such as pins and needles, headaches, neck pain, etc. We are a highly qualified neck and headache team with lots of experience in treatment of these types of injuries! Maintaining your body pain free and keeping full movement in your neck will definitely help your brain to heal faster.

Psychological : Some patients can experience symptoms such as anxiety, anger, frustration, etc. We can empower you through education on your symptoms and condition. We are here to support you to get better ASAP and we have a great referral network if you need further assistance.


If you would like further information on our Cairns CCMI concussion clinic visit our website here

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