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Multiple Sclerosis is a complex disease which affects the nervous system- our system which is responsible for stimulating everything from muscle function, to our reflex reactions to pain, cold etc. As MS can affect different areas of the brain, spinal cord or nerves, sufferers can present with a wide range of symptoms. Typical signs and symptoms are: pain, muscle weakness and spasticity, dizziness, fatigue, memory deficits and more.

At Wellness Embodied our physios have over 15 years of combined experience with treating MS sufferers and we have seen great outcomes. Recently, we had a client who constantly felt fatigued. He could not walk for longer than 100 metres without significant leg weakness and he had experienced several falls when walking around the neighborhood.

Our main goal was to prevent those falls from happening again and to get him moving as much as possible! Why should he come for physio for this? Well, every time we have a fall there is a high risk of serious injuries including head injury, brain trauma, fractures, and of course, lack of confidence. After a fall, people tend to get housebound because it is the only place where they feel safe. We worked with stretches and manual techniques such as soft tissue release, dry needling and joint mobilizations to restore flexibility. We also supervised him through a specific strength, gait and balance re-education program, including specialized vestibular rehabilitation to rehabilitate the main ‘balance system’ of the brain, the vestibular system. All of this was combined with support and guidance on what he could do at home to maintain the benefits of treatment and enjoy doing the things he loved to do.

Our patient now is able to walk longer without any assistance and feels safe and strong. Physiotherapy has allowed him to get back to his social life, do his groceries shopping and play lawn bowls with friends.

Exercising has great benefits for all clients with neurological impairment. As well as helping them to get fitter and improve their aerobic capacity, it also leads to faster information processing and preserved brain tissue volume.

If you know someone who suffers from MS, get them moving!

If you want to know more about this condition, do not hesitate to contact us! Our Cairns city physiotherapists are always keen to provide the most updated info about treatments and our spacious treatment rooms and onsite rehab gym are wheelchair accessible and the perfect place for our private and NDIS funded clients to kickstart their rehab and wellbeing journey. Why not get back to living your best life?

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