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When I mentioned I was going to do kids yoga teaching training, most of the feedback I received was positive. But, I was also asked, ‘Don’t kids just do yoga naturally?’ The answer is, well no…

Firstly, yoga is about so much more than just the Asanas (movement practices). In a world where kids and teenagers are under severe stresses and strains, yoga offers the chance to unwind, to learn how to meditate. It fosters positive body images and at its best, teaches kids valuable life lessons- kindness, respect, learning that everyone is different.

Secondly, a kids yoga class is run much differently to an adult’s. Because of their energy systems, kids respond much better to exercise in a series of small peaks and troughs, enabling them to eventually wind down enough to lie in savasana (‘corpse pose’). Planning a kids class is an important skill in itself.

We had a beautiful moment when, on the 5th day of training, some of Stacey’s young yoga students came in to participate in an acro yoga session with us! Seeing a once timid 13 year old educate us adults on how to ‘fly’ her in acro yoga, then enquire what age she needed to be to become a yoga teacher, was so lovely. It was also great to share space with so many inspiring and kind yoga teachers who want to make a positive difference in the world.

Practice Principal of Wellness Embodied, Suzanne Rath, still offers one on one kids yoga sessions as a physiotherapy session. She also frequently prescribes yoga exercises as rehab exercises for appropriate clients. To find out more, contact us at the clinic in Cairns- Wellness Embodied, 53 Sheridan Street. 07 42319777. Email admin@wellnessembodiedcairns.com

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