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Society places so much emphasis on New Year celebrations, resolutions and more, with many people claiming 2018 was a ‘terrible’ year for them.

Whether you chose to celebrate the New Year or not, January is certainly a time to sit back, evaluate and reset- in both work and personal lives. I know that for many people, the run up to Christmas was extremely busy with pressures of work, family, friends, commitments and much more- making it an overwhelming time! I was glad to get over the new year period and catch up with Amanda, one of my co-hosts on our March Emotions in Motion retreat.

The good news is, we can reset at any time of the year- the more often, the better. If you’re feeling great and completely ready to tackle 2019, why not book in some things to look forward to now, helping you to maintain your energy levels and check in with your emotional and physical wellbeing regularly. If you’re tired, March isn’t that far away!

Take some time for self care now and commit to attending our retreat in the beautiful Life in Amed, Bali, 10-17 March.


Airport Transfers + 7 nights of accommodation with dinner and breakfast (vegan/ vegetarian friendly)
2 Craniosacral Therapy Treatments with me (see video here or our website for more info!)
Daily yoga with Jeany of SoulMotion yoga
Daily Art Therapy with Amanda of Big Magick Buderim
A take home photography package by Amber, The Amber Light Yeppoon.
Optional excursions, connection, beach side location, relaxation time and much more!

If you have any questions, please comment below.

Yours in Wellness,

Suzanne and the Wellness Embodied Team


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