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Let’s talk about warm-up for hamstring injury prevention! Hamstring injuries commonly occur when the muscle is subjected to an excessive stretch whilst producing high force under high speed movements. Completing a proper warm-up before commencing a game or exercise session (especially those involving high load on your hamstrings) can reduce your risk of sustaining a hamstring injury. The aim of a warm-up is to increase blood flow to your muscles prior to placing them under high stress, and taking your muscles and joints through specific exercises that are directly related to the sport or activity you are about to perform. To make your warm-up specific, ensure that you are targeting the specific joint positions you will be utilising in your activity. Exercises should be of low to moderate load with a focus on correct biomechanics and control. It is also important to include a low-intensity cardio activity such as a fast walk or a light jog to increase the blood flow around the body.

Some examples of exercises that are specific to your hamstrings include:
– Nordic hamstring curls
– Butt kicks
– Eccentric sliding leg curls
– Romanian resistance band deadlifts
– Hamstring curls

Unsure of what these exercises are?

Check out our youtube page video playlist or our facebook page for exercise demonstrations

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact with us at the clinic and book in for your individual consultation today.

If you already have an existing injury, please make sure that you have clearance to perform these exercises before attempting them!

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