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Sleep hygiene is something that not many people know about, and yet so many struggle with sleeplessness and/or poor, broken or restless sleep. This leads to our bodies not being able to function at their best. Hence the purpose of this story, the importance of Practicing Good Sleep Hygiene.

Firstly, what are some of the causes and conditions which may impact sleep? There are many, some of which are outlined below and can be treated and supported by the professional team of allied health professionals at Wellness Embodied – which includes an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapists, Osteopath, Exercise Physiologist and Remedial Massage Therapists. At Wellness Embodied we work collectively as a team to ensure all clients enjoy an optimised treatment approach to support better health.

Sleep Can Be Impacted By Many Reasons, This Is Some Of Them

  • Ongoing pain and discomfort
  • Neurological changes
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression and low mood
  • PTSD
  • Progressive neurological conditions such as Parkinsons and MS
  • Many other physical, neurological, mental and emotional conditions
  • Even poor routines and habits!

If you are suffering from poor sleep, disrupted sleep and the ability to fall asleep, there are many strategies that can help, and most are very easy and stress-free to implement.

To help you improve your sleep hygiene, we’ve created a list of things you can do at home and in your life, which can be downloaded here Sleep Hygiene – Strategies To Improve Your Sleep. Try all (or some) of these tips for a couple weeks, and see if you experience any improvement.

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