Here at Wellness Embodied, our team of qualified physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and osteopaths are trained to work with patients with Parkinson’s Disease. In our clinic, we focus on comprehensive assessment, preparing and delivering personalised treatment plans and support to best meet individual needs. We treat the person, as well as the presenting condition, designing interventions based on the individual needs of each patient. We’re here to support you with your Cairns Parkinson’s disease management, and pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our patients, including home visits as needed.


Regular exercise has been shown to improve cognitive function, gait and walking performance, and quality of life for those with Parkinson’s Disease. That’s why our Cairns Parkinson’s disease management includes assessment and work with our exercise physiologists, who will develop an appropriate plan to enhance your physical needs and wellbeing. The plans prioritise increasing muscle strength, to improve overall balance and mobility and minimise the risk of falls. Improving flexibility, to address motion and muscle rigidity, and improving aerobic capacity to improve heart function, body composition and quality of life.


Our Cairns Parkinson’s disease management is customised to meet your specific needs and provided in a supportive environment. In addition to regular exercise and sessions with our exercise physiologists, our team of allied health professionals can provide a range of other hands-on therapies, including Osteopathy, Remedial Massage and Physiotherapy. All of these can assist with and provide relief from tightness in muscles and joints, pain management and mood improvement. At Wellness Embodied we know each person is different and our Cairns Parkinson’s disease management is designed to best meet your needs.


Parkinson’s Disease is a progressive neurological disorder, caused by a loss of neurons in the midbrain region, particularly an area called the substantia nigra that controls balance and movement.

Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease vary between individuals, but can include:

  • Slowness of movement (Bradykinesia).
  • Tightness and rigidity of the muscles, often causing pain.
  • Impaired balance and coordination.
  • A resting tremor, most commonly beginning in one hand.
  • Strongly reactive to sensory input such as sound, pain or textures.

Our Cairns Parkinson’s disease management aims to improve your overall quality of life, as well as to promote early identification of movement difficulties, facilitating access to appropriate interventions and promoting better outcomes.


Depending on your stage of Parkinson’s Disease, you might be experiencing issues with mobility, or performing day to day functional tasks. As a part of our Cairns Parkinson’s disease management, our team can conduct a Functional Capacity Assessment, with a report on your current state, guiding you in future goal setting.

The outcomes of this assessment and reporting on your individual needs, may assist you to access financial support through NDIS to assist with the cost of ongoing treatments.

At Wellness Embodied, we offer 1;1 and small group exercise options with our physiotherapists and exercise physiologists as a part of our Cairns Parkinson’s disease management. In addition, our physiotherapists and occupational therapist can also advise on appropriate modifications and tools for your needs, which may include walking aids, splints and other aids, to improve your quality of life and help you to achieve your goals.


Referrals are not necessary to book an assessment or session with any of our allied health professionals. Our team are uniquely qualified and positioned to provide appropriate, professional Cairns Parkinson’s disease management for people of all ages and stages of their health journey.

In addition to in clinic support and treatment, we also have availability for our exercise physiologists and physiotherapists to provide home visits to private clients and NDIS participants, or to assist with 1;1 hydrotherapy sessions.

Referrals are not necessary to book an assessment or session with one of our Cairns exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, osteopath or remedial massage therapists.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries regarding our Cairns Parkinson’s disease management on 07 4231 9777 or book online.

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