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These will seem a bit strange at first! But I give these ‘union jack’ exercises to lots of patients with neck pain, headaches and other strength deficits.

Some of the main reasons why the deep neck flexors (stabilising neck muscles) can become weak include forward head postures, pain and whiplash. These simple eye movement exercises work because they activate the same nerves that supply the deep neck muscles. As with any exercises, they should never be done to the point of any pain. The head shouldn’t move and your neck should be as relaxed as possible. The only side effects I have seen, if you follow all of these instructions, is that they feel ‘weird’ or can increase sensitivity in people with visual auras and other migraine- related eye issues.

Remember, should you have any issues with neck pain, headaches, or otherwise, Wellness Embodied are here to help. With clinical interests in spinal pain and referred pain, physiotherapists at Wellness Embodied Cairns are also trained in the Watson headache approach, medical acupuncture, craniosacral therapy and kinesio taping- lots of options to help you get back to full function!

Within our Rehab Room at 53 Sheridan Street, our physiotherapists work on exercises like this using a laser tracker and other specialised training equipment- helping you get the best outcomes and stay painfree for longer. For more info on our Rehab Room, click here.

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