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A new specialised respiratory assessment at physio clinic Wellness Embodied aims to help high performing professionals, chronic pain sufferers and those at risk of burnout change their lives after a single hour- long session.

Physiotherapist Campbell Will, who is a Certified Wim Hof Method instructor, is leading the individualised sessions, which clients already report have led to ‘the best night’s sleep ever’, ‘ simple tools to manage my stress’ and ‘better mood’.

The Wim Hof Method technique was founded by the Dutch ‘Ice Man’ Wim Hof, who has been studied extensively for his ability to control his response to extreme cold and other stressors using the power of breathing and mindset. Campbell’s specialised training with him included climbing a snow covered mountain in Poland in winter wearing only shorts. Campbell and numerous other instructors have found that even a simple change in breathing techniques leads to huge changes in clients well-being and resilience. Campbell has studied numerous other breathing practices and protocols and is teaching patients how they can optimise their physiology and better control their response to stress.

The Wellness Embodied Respiratory assessment includes scientifically backed testing of common stress indicators such as Carbon Dioxide tolerance and heart rate variability, Assessment of movement quality in the thorax and rib cage (areas which may block ability to breathe correctly) and examination of the quality of breathing. Clients receive a personalised action plan which includes tools for switching to a ‘recovery’ state quickly after times of stress, as well as techniques to increase energy and alertness to respond to demands of daily life. The assessment also includes entry into a private member’s only Facebook group where they can access ongoing support and information, as well as a follow up call to discuss any issues with implementing techniques.

If you are looking for tools to better regulate your state, ‘switch-off’, decrease reactivity, and optimise physiology then look no further.

Clients who are keen to take Campbell up on this opportunity to improve their well-being and health should act quickly- as he runs workshops worldwide, we will only have him in Cairns until January! For bookings, or to discuss whether this is the right assessment for you, call the clinic on 07 42319777 or email campbell@wellnessembodiedcairns.com and Campbell will call you for a free, no obligation chat. 

Breathe Well. Be Well.

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