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What is pain?
A complex, multifactorial input/output system that implies much more than just tissue health. Why do we get pain? Initially it is usually from damage to tissue and the inflammatory response. But if pain persists, we begin to see changes in the pathways between the tissue and the brain, and the nervous system gets involved. In an attempt to protect you from further damage, we feel pain to stop us doing something we shouldn’t. 

The trouble is, less and less ‘threat’ or stimulus is needed before you feel pain. It is important to note that the pain you feel doesn’t always mean damage, it can mean that your nervous system is worried about certain movements, and is trying to protect you. Studies have shown that your emotional state, stress levels, belief systems and quality of sleep all contribute to the pain that you perceive. Pain can be defined as an ‘unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or POTENTIAL tissue damage’. Pain serves to protect us, but can get confused! 

By normalising movement patterns, and desensitising the nervous system, we can change your nervous systems’ idea of “potential” damage, which results in less pain! If you have been suffering from pain, come in and see one of our specialist physiotherapists, and start the journey to a pain free life.

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