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Are you worried we’ll tell you to stop exercising after a concussion?

One of the main barriers we hear from athletes against seeking help post concussion is, ‘I want to play in the Grand final/ compete in 2 weeks’

BEST PRACTICE concussion management is to obtain a baseline test at the beginning of season (so that when you sustain a concussion, we’re comparing your performance to your normal- as well as dealing with any niggling issues BEFORE the season begins… ), plus to see a practitioner with knowledge of all facets of concussion management WITHIN THE FIRST 48 HOURS POST CONCUSSION!
We’ll look at your neck, assess and treat balance issues, look at strength and reaction times, give you additional recovery advice including diet/ return to exercise or return to school, and base our return to exercise advice on your tested Heart Rate response to symptoms, using the Buffalo testing protocol. This gives you a SAFE exercise intensity.
In fact, a recent review in JNS Paediatric showed Paediatric patients who engaged in early physical activity reported less concussion symptoms and had lower incidence in post concussion syndrome. Make sure your return to exercise is safe, evidence based and supervised by one of our CCMI Concussion management trained Physiotherapists!
More on our CCMI concussion clinic here: https://www.wellnessembodiedcairns.com/…/cairns-ccmi…

To make an appointment, please phone our Cairns clinic on 42319777.

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