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Training for Cairns Ironman? Participating in the Cairns Half Marathon? Yungaburra or Tinaroo Triathlons? Something else? Have you thought about including sports massage at Wellness Embodied in your routine?

Sports Massage is a form of manual therapy/bodywork that is targeted towards people participating in sport, whether you are a novice, weekend warrior or seasoned professional.  It is a useful therapy in helping to prevent injuries, prepare the body for athletic activity, maintain body’s optimal condition and performance, and recover from workouts and injuries.

Strenuous physical activity can put stain on various parts of your body, as well as body systems.

Benefits of regular massages for the athlete include:

*Dilates blood vessels – Increased circulation, and delivery of nutrients and oxygen

*Improves pulmonary function by easing tight respiratory muscles

*Lowers blood pressure

*Reduces restrictions in the fascia

*Reduced pain/soreness, fatigue, adhesions, waste products (lactic acid), hypertonicity (muscle tension)

*Increases/restores movement – range of motion, flexibility

*Improved recovery and healing

*Benefits body systems

*Promotes relaxation and better sleep patterns

*Decreases the effects of stress and anxiety

*Improves mental alertness and clarity

The benefits of massage are cumulative – so the more regular you receive a massage the greater rewards your body and mind reaps. A one-off massage pre event and post event does provide some benefits, but overall, will not provide the optimal advantages that could be attained through a customized treatment program. It is better to be proactive in your treatment plan rather than waiting for things to unfold before responding.

Depending on your goals, training program, and pre-existing conditions, your treatment plan is personalized for your individual needs.

Example of a treatment plan to assist you in achieving your goals:

Training & Conditioning – massage every 1 – 4 weeks

Pre-Event – weekly massages 8 weeks out from event

During Event – light massage 3 days before event

Post Event – brief light massage flush at the event

– massage 2 days post event

Restorative/Rehabilitation – massage every 1 – 4 weeks (depending on presenting conditions)

Your body is your most important tool in your chosen sport (and life), it is essential that it supported to uphold the pressures and strains places upon it. Maintaining your body so that it is freer from aches and pains, postural imbalances and has optimal range of motion is key, as we only get one body.

Our remedial massage therapist, Ayleen, has appointments available for remedial massage and sports massage each Tuesday and Wednesday, in our Cairns city physiotherapy clinic. Health fund/ Hicaps rebates are available on the spot. To book an appointment, call us on 07 42319777, email admin@wellnessembodiedcairns.com or hop onto our booking portal. 

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