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Wellness Embodied is proud to support the Glenoma parkrun. This Cairns parkrun takes place every Saturday morning from 7am at Glenoma Park, visit the parkrun website for more information. Supporting parkrun is just one of the ways the Wellness Embodied team strive to attain their vision, of making Cairns the healthiest city in Australia.

In conjunction with our support of this event, we are working with our local GP’s to improve the physical health of our Cairns community, and work towards more “social prescribing”. What’s that? ~ Social prescribing is a new initiative for health practitioners to use a more holistic approach to health and create a larger community drive towards preventative medicine.

GP’s around the world have begun using parkrun as a way to prescribe physical exercise, and bridge the gap between medical and preventative management, thereby increasing the sustained impact of treatment. At Wellness Embodied we’re very excited to support this initiative and start building upon physical activity in our community!

What Is Parkrun?

Parkrun is a free weekly community event, held at various locations all over the world. Saturday morning events are 5km and take place in parks and open spaces. There are also junior 2km parkruns that are held in some places on a Sunday morning. Everyone is welcome, whether you run, jog, walk, volunteer or spectate, it’s a great way to get involved in your local community!

Why Parkrun?

The best evidence shows health is at its peak when you’re participating in regular physical activity. The WHO recommends 150 minutes of light to moderate intensity exercise, or 75 minutes of high intensity exercise each week for the average adult. This helps to prevent all sorts of chronic health conditions, including heart diseases, cancers, diabetes and respiratory conditions.

Cardiovascular exercise is also one of the gold standard treatments for those suffering from chronic pain. Participating in parkrun is a great way to get outdoors, combining exercise with the social element of meeting more members of your community and expanding your social network.

Wellness Embodied, Here To Help

Wellness Embodied provide a range of services to help you get your body moving without injury, this includes but is not limited to running and movement assessments, orthotics and footwear and remedial massage. If you have injured yourself, our team of qualified Cairns physiotherapists and Cairns exercise physiologist can help, providing treatment for a range of issues, including but not limited to sprains and strains, hip and knee pain and more. Contact us today or book online.

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