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Do you hold tension or stress in your body and want to know how to release this?

Do you know how your breathing affects your emotional state and energy levels?

Practice Principal Suzanne and Senior Physiotherapist Campbell have been working on developing 2 online courses based on their areas of expertise: Fascia, and the Respiratory System, respectively. These courses have been designed to give you the tools and know-how to develop a deeper connection with your body. Suzanne and Campbell know that developing a better understanding of these systems helps to promote body awareness, self-regulation, energy management and stress reduction. Each course includes written PDFs and instructional videos to help you develop a better understanding of the systems in your body.

The fascial system interacts with everything in the body, surrounding all organs, muscles, bones and nerve fibers. It gives the body functional structure, and provides an environment in which the systems of the body can work in harmony. Suzanne will instruct you in how to check-in with your body, scan for tension and learn how to release it. You will learn how to meld with your fascia to understand the rhythms and patterns of your body, and you will be introduced to the principles of Craniosacral therapy and learn the basics of self-treatment.

The respiratory system is the only system in the body that is both automatic and under our control. Learning how to control your breath leads to better energy management, improved sleep, stress management and self and situational awareness. Campbell will instruct you in improving the mobility of associated structures, the importance of the nervous system and it’s response to respiration, and provide you with specific techniques to transition between states, and lead you through the Wim Hof Method breath technique.
Both the ‘Free Your Fascia, Free Your Life’ and ‘Breathing for Daily Living’ will be available for lifetime access at the special rate of $34.95 each for the next month.
Don’t miss this opportunity to develop a better understanding and relationship with the systems of your body.

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