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Survive is the stage many of our clients come to us at. They may have had an acute injury, be suffering from severe pain, or have a significant health concern like chronic fatigue, diabetes or more which is stopping them from doing what they want to do! Our Services at this stage include Physiotherapy & Osteopathy to assess, diagnose and treat the problem, Exercise Physiology to kickstart working towards some health outcomes and Remedial Massage for pain & tension relief.


Products which may help to relieve your pain and make you feel better, include tape, our range of braces and supports, topical creams such as Antiflamme and heat creams, Ice Packs/ Heat packs, as well as nutritional support products such as Magnesium, Migraine Care, PEA, fish oil and more. Speak to your treating therapist about the best options in stock for you.


For more on the SURVIVE stage, check out our You Tube Video below!


Our bodies are amazing at healing, but we often need a little help. Niggling injuries can be annoying and an issue at one section of your body can often cause compensatory patterns elsewhere. People in the ‘Revive’ stage of their recovery may have rested, or started treatment, but they’re still not back to 100%. Whether its a headache that comes on every few weeks, underlying stress or health issues, or the sprain or tear which isn’t quite right, this is the stage where we can continue supportive hands on treatment, up your rehab exercises and start taking steps to make you healthier.


All of our services, including Rehab Classes, Orthotics, Running/ movement assessments and Clinical Pilates, can be useful at this stage. Useful products include anything from our braces, tape and postural supports, to Archies Thongs, Dentons Pillows & ongoing support for your nutritional needs with Practitioner Grade Metagenics & Bioceuticals supplements. Speak to your treating therapist about optimising your health and moving you through to THRIVING.


Check out our video on the REVIVE stage below!



It’s our aim that all of our clients learn to Thrive in our service! It’s not a quick fix, but we guarantee you’ll feel the long term benefits if you follow your optimised treatment plan. To assist with Thriving, we offer a range of classes and 1;1 services. These include Strength and Conditioning with our specifically trained Physiotherapist & Exercise Physiologist, Remedial Massage and other tune ups/ booster sessions with Physio/ Osteo to maintain your movement, as well as small group Physiotherapist/ Exercise Physiologist led Rehab/ Clinical Pilates classes to keep you accountable.


Check out our Video on the THRIVE stage below, and be sure to check with your treating practitioner on the optimal next steps for you!


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