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Who has seen the meme saying “Exercise is the most potent anti-depressant. And it’s free” ?

If you haven’t, you’ve more than likely seen any one of a series of other humorous or inspirational posts reminding you of the importance of exercise. It’s true- amongst its many benefits exercise can help to prevent against numerous types of cancer, diabetes, heart and lung diseases, as well as alleviating stress, increasing endorphins and preventing cognitive decline. For some people, it can often be one of the hardest things to start doing, particularly if you’re in pain.

As a physiotherapist who also holds a masters in Sport and Exercise Medicine, Practice Principal Suzanne Rath uses exercise for lots of reasons. There’s the clients before and after orthopaedic surgery, who need to maximise their strength and movement so they’ll get back to what they enjoy doing as soon as possible. Clinical Pilates has a range of benefits, including improved core strength, pain relief and alterations in neural patterning. Then there’s a huge range of ‘rehab exercises,’ depending on your particular muscle imbalances or joint issues.

Our Cairns physiotherapists understand that rehab exercises are boring- that’s why we work around your lifestyle. If you have a personal trainer, we will chat with them to ensure you’re doing the correct exercises and avoiding re-injury. If you need other therapies, we will recommend a great practitioner suited to your needs- we even have a referral partners book which all of our new clients receive. We also have a Remedial Massage Therapist on site in our central Cairns physio practice- with health fund rebates available on the spot.

At Wellness Embodied, the focus is not just on our physiotherapists’ skilled injury diagnoses and range of hands on therapies (which include joint mobilisations, medical acupuncture and taping) but also on empowering you. We have a specialised Rehab Room in our central Cairns physiotherapy clinic, where our clients use specialised Clinical Pilates, weight training and vestibular rehabilitation equipment under physiotherapist guidance, helping you get the most out of your recovery. Remember, it takes at least three months to see the benefits of muscle rehabilitation, so don’t despair if your ten minutes a day aren’t making a big difference to your pain or injury.

The Rehab Room operates outside of work hours for 55 minutes and is limited to 4 participants under physiotherapist guidance. Casual passes or 5 session packs (must be used in consecutive weeks) are available. Clients must have attended for a physiotherapy assessment within the past three months- ongoing assessment will be carried out as part of your Rehab Room sessions, to monitor your improvement! Bookings essential. Call us on 07 42319777 or email admin@wellnessembodiedcairns.com to find out more.


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