Strokes affect more than 60,000 Australians every year, causing a variety of conditions including weakness or paralysis on one side, balance issues, joint pain and muscle spasms. Wellness Embodied’s qualified Cairns stroke rehabilitation physiotherapists target the brain’s neuroplasticity — its ability to relearn pathways — to help you regain your strength and coordination and return to everyday movements and function.


Most stroke patients will present to hospital for immediate treatment, but ongoing physiotherapy after hospital discharge is also critical to aid your recovery and reduce the risk of further strokes. Our Cairns stroke rehabilitation physiotherapists communicate with your GP or hospital care team and use a variety of assessments to measure your strength, coordination and balance and to determine the support required.


Everyone’s experience with strokes is different. Many return to normal activities and movement, while others can experience longer recoveries. We will work with you for as long as you need to achieve your goals. Our Cairns stroke rehabilitation physiotherapists tailor a plan for you to relearn core movements: sitting, standing and walking, before progressing to physical exercise. Crucially, we establish your priorities: that is, what does quality of life mean to you?


For many people, the quickest recovery from stroke is gained within the first six months, but treatment can last years. Common Cairns stroke rehabilitation physiotherapy treatments include:

Passive exercises where we promote movement of limbs where you may have limited control.

Exercise plans to strengthen your muscles and improve your balance.

Recommendations for additional equipment or mobility aids to assist in your rehabilitation or daily activities.

Our specialist physiotherapists work closely with you and your other health professionals to provide personalised care to recapture your core movements and quality of life.


The Fitness and Mobility Exercise Program, or FAME, is a group exercise program for people after stroke. It aims to increase physical activity levels, and evidence has shown it to improve motor function and minimise the risk of secondary complications such as falls, fractures, heart disease and dementia.

FAME is appropriate for those whose recovery has progressed to the point where they can meet certain physical guidelines. The program is free for DVA clients and self or plan-managed NDIS participants.

As of August 2020, our Cairns stroke rehabilitation physiotherapists are also offering FAME via video consult.

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At Wellness Embodied, our Cairns stroke rehabilitation physiotherapists provide specialised post-stroke care covered by the NDIS.

Referrals are not necessary to book an assessment or session with our physiotherapists. For more information, download our ‘How to Access Your NDIS Funding for Physiotherapy’, or give us a call on 4231 9777.

Please note: We also offer video consults for clients who are unable to attend our clinic in person frequently. Contact us for more information on 07 4231 9777.

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